ANCS Board Nominations

The ANCS Governing Board formally approves new members through a nomination process that takes place each spring. If you are interested in serving on the school’s board, please complete the board member nomination form.
The process for the election of board members for the upcoming school year shall follow the procedure outlined in the ANCS by-laws with the following additions:
  • The board chair will appoint a nominating committee to solicit and review nominations, and to bring a recommended slate of board members to the board for approval at the March board meeting. This committee will include at least the Board Chair, Chair Elect, and Executive Director.  Limited, additional members of the board or school community may also be appointed (for example a member of the PTCA executive committee; a community member with board leadership development experience, etc).
  • After determining the board positions to be filled, a call for nominations for board members will be made to the school communities in January, allowing at least two weeks for a response.  This call for nominations will be distributed to all current families; shared with faculty and staff; and shared at informational meetings for new families.
  • The full board shall consider and vote on the slate as recommended.
  • The slate shall be presented to the PTCA for ratification at the April PTCA meeting.
  • If the slate is not approved by the board or ratified by the PTCA, the process must start again, with a second slate being brought to the PTCA for ratification by June.
  • While employees of the school (other than the principals and executive director) may not serve on the Governing Board, they may make nominations and participate in the PTCA ratification vote.
Note: Enrollment priority is provided to the children of board members as outlined in the school’s registration procedures.