Board Overview

The Governing Board is charged with the management of the affairs of the Corporation, ANCS, Inc., and shall pursue such policies and principles as shall be in accordance with law, the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, ANCS By-Laws, and any written charter entered into by the Board. The Board is responsible for carrying out the following duties and obligations:

  • The Board shall uphold the school’s mission and vision and ensure effective organizational planning on the part of the school through an annual strategic planning and review process that will review and update the school’s short-term, mid-term, and long-range goals, and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the school’s mission and plans;
  • The Board shall either directly or through a personnel committee provide for the annual appraisal of the Executive Director’s performance;
  • The Board shall ensure the financial stability of the Corporation through regular monthly review of financial statements and reports, an annual independent audit, and direct oversight of major financial commitments and decisions;
  • The Board shall take an active role, either directly or through a Board committee, in resolving grievances and conflicts which may arise within the school community involving, students, parents, staff, administration, and Board members.