Enrollment Policy & Procedures

If interested in enrolling for the 2015-16 school year, please visit the Enrollment and Proof of Residency Requirements page to download an ANCS application and submit following the posted instructions.

The admissions process for the 2016-17 school year will begin in February 2016. Please check back in January for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Elementary campus (K-5) 
Kelly Dennis, Student Information Specialist
T 404.624.6226

Middle campus (6-8)
Maria Larson, Student Information Specialist
T 678.904.0051

Enrollment Policy and Procedures

As public schools, charter schools comply with state and federal regulations, and their admissions are open to students in accordance with the school’s charter agreement. The procedures below outline the enrollment process at ANCS:

The enrollment process for the following school year begins with a “pre-enrollment period” for returning students and their siblings, children of full-time employees, and children of governing board members (see the last section for the school’s enrollment priority policy). The pre-enrollment period ends at the beginning of February.

Following this pre-enrollment period, applications for new ANCS students will be available on the ANCS website to mark the beginning of application periods for the school’s attendance zones (see below). Completed ANCS Application for Enrollment forms may be turned in at either campus.

ANCS will accept new applications and enroll new students for the current school year until the 90th day of school or the last day before winter break, which ever occurs first.

ANCS’s accepts applications for enrollment for a defined period for each of its attendance zones:

  • Primary Attendance Zone: Students entering grades K-5 residing in Grant Park or Ormewood Park and students entering grades 6-8 residing in NPU-W*

  • Secondary Attendance Zone: Students entering grades K-5 residing in NPU-W∗ outside of Grant Park or Ormewood Park and students entering grades 6-8 residing in the city of Atlanta outside of NPU-W

  • Tertiary Attendance Zone: Students entering grades K-5 residing in the city of Atlanta outside of NPU-W

 * Neighborhood Planning Unit W (NPU-W) includes the neighborhoods of Benteen, Boulevard Heights, Custer/McDonough/Guice, East Atlanta, Grant Park, Ormewood Park, North Ormewood Park, and Woodland Hills. If you have questions about whether your residence is within the boundaries of NPU-W, please visit the City of Atlanta website.

The student’s place of residence must fall within the boundaries of an Atlanta Public School zone. If you have questions about whether your residence is zoned for Atlanta Public Schools, please contact the APS Office of Student Placement at 404-802-2233.

Following the pre-enrollment period, if there are more applicants than the number of spaces available for a grade level, spaces remaining in each such class will be awarded on the basis of a lottery. All complete applications for those grades will be placed into the lottery. If necessary, a public lottery for applicants in any grade level that requires one will be held.  All those applicants selected from the lottery will need to complete an address affidavit and submit all address verification forms that confirm the address at the time the application was submitted.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of enrollment.  If you are unable to verify the address provided to determine your enrollment zone, you will be placed at the bottom of the existing applicable zoned wait list.

A waiting list will be formed if the number of applicants in the application and enrollment process exceeds the number of available spaces. Students who decline an offer of admission may remain on the waiting list in their present position for a period of 12 months from the date of the original offer of admission. They will be listed as “inactive” on the waiting list and it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of that student to inform the school, in writing, of their desire to be returned to “active” status on the waiting list. As additional openings arise, enrollment will continue from the active waiting list in the order of applicants’ lottery numbers. 

At the beginning of the next year’s application and enrollment process a letter will be sent to all applicants who are still on the waiting list to see if they would like to remain on the waiting list. All applicants who respond affirmatively to this request will retain their place on the waiting list ahead of any new applicants. New applicants who are siblings of current students will maintain their sibling preference. 

If at any point in the year the waiting list is depleted and the school determines that it has enrollment openings, then a new application and enrollment period will be declared. This will be announced throughout the city of Atlanta and families will have a one-month period of time in which to complete the requirements for application to the school. In this case, a new lottery would be conducted one week after the close of the application period.

Enrollment Priority Policy

Based on current state law, APS guidelines, the ANCS charter, consideration of past practices and policies at both schools as well as recommendations from both principals the following constitutes the ANCS enrollment priority policy for employees and governing board members:

  • Full time employee is defined as an employee who works more than 50% (at least 20 hours or more) AND qualifies for benefits.

  • Siblings of students enrolled in ANCS are given priority enrollment. Sibling priority is handled as outlined in the charter.

  • Children of full-time employees and of governing board members are given priority enrollment.

  • Employees and governing board members with students currently enrolled at ANCS participate in the pre-enrollment process for current and incoming students outlined in the charter.

  • When a new employee signs a contract their student is enrolled in ANCS if space permits, if space does not permit, the student is placed on the waitlist with waitlist priority standing (defined below).

  • When a governing board member is elected/appointed to the board their student is enrolled in ANCS if the student meets the APS residency requirements and if space permits; if space does not permit, the student is placed on the waitlist with waitlist priority standing (defined below).

  • If an employee contract is terminated, or not renewed, and their student meets the APS residency requirements, the student may remain enrolled at ANCS. However, if the student does not meet the residency requirements, they are no longer eligible for residency exemption and must be withdrawn from ANCS, per state law.

  • If a board member leaves or is removed from the board during their term or once their term is completed, their student may remain enrolled at ANCS as long as the APS residency requirements are met. If the residency requirements are not met, the student is no longer eligible for residency exemption and must be withdrawn from ANCS.

Waitlist priority standing: Siblings, students of full-time employees and students of governing board members are eligible for waitlist priority. This means that these students are placed at the front of the waiting list if the conditions above are met. However, they may not be placed on the waitlist in front of another waitlist priority student. For example, if a sibling is first on the waitlist and a new employee is hired, the employee’s student would be placed on the waitlist behind the sibling student (into position #2). In other words, waitlist priority is first come first serve within the eligible categories of siblings, employee students and governing board students. In the rare chance that two enrollment priority students qualify for waitlist priority at the same time (within 24 hours of one-another) then the campus principal will perform a random lottery drawing to determine which student is placed first and which is placed second on the wait-list.