Director of Finance & Operations

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is a public charter in the Atlanta Public School system. We operate as a non-profit organization with a $13 million budget and 120 employees across two campuses. We are seeking to hire a Director of Finance & Operations to lead in the areas of personnel, financial management and compliance. This position will empower and enable the school to serve its 628 students with fidelity and ensure the best possible array of resources and supports for the school family. 

Budgeting and Accounting 

  • Lead the development of monthly, yearly, and long-term projected budgets and updating these budgets as needed in collaboration with Governing Board’s Finance/Operations Committee chair and Executive Director and with the support of the Business Managers
  • Conduct analysis of the school’s income and expenses to identify opportunities for additional revenue and cost-savings
  • Manage the school’s cash flow
  • Manage the Business Manager positions
    • Business Manager – Advancement & Marketing 
    • Business Manager – Budget & Personnel 
    • Business Manager – Cash & Accounting 
  • Act as the school’s contact with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) and Georgia Department of Education (GDOE) for monthly allocations and other state/federal funds (such as Title I) and ensure their accuracy
  • Provide oversight for the school’s financial controls and procedures, working in collaboration with executive director/principals and other school staff when appropriate
  • Manage the school’s banking relationship, including deposits, reconciliations, transfer of funds, and working capital line of credit
  • Serve on the board’s finance committee, assist with report preparation for monthly board meetings, and attend monthly board meetings
  • Serve as the school’s liaison during audit process, providing all necessary documents to auditor and implementing recommended improvements

Vendor Management

  • Oversee the solicitation of bids and provide recommendations for vendors in the areas of food service, custodial service, facilities maintenance, and other areas as requested by executive director
  • Ensure compliance with contract terms between vendors and school and annually review ongoing contracts to minimize risk to the school

Building & Grounds

  • Manage/supervise the two positions responsible for daily and long-term care and maintenance plans of the school’s facilities and grounds in collaboration with the custodial service vendor, school employees, and building and grounds committee
    • Facilities Director – Elementary Campus 
    • Facilities Director – Middle Campus
  • Monitor/manage the purchasing process for acquisition of furniture and equipment
  • Work in collaboration with Executive Director and Governing Board’s operations committee to develop long-term building and grounds improvement plan
  • Maintain proper and adequate insurance coverage for the school facilities
  • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal building health, safety, and accessibility regulations
  • Work in collaboration with appropriate school staff to coordinate building access, scheduling, and facilities use agreement with any outside organizations using school facilities

Human Resources

  • Assist Executive Director and principals with maintaining personnel information and salary administration
  • Oversee the school’s Benefits Administration
    • Contract/Policy implementation and review
    • Teachers Retirement System and 403(b) plan
    • Health/Life Benefits
    • Supplemental Insurance
    • COBRA
    • Worker’s Compensation
  • Work with Executive Director and principals to educate employees about personnel policies & procedures and help to ensure compliance with those policies and procedures
  • Oversee personnel administration (contracts, leave, etc.) with guidance from Executive Director and principals
  • Complete required district and state reporting for personnel in compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and laws

The successful candidate will: 

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, administration, parents, community members and others to support and implement the vision and goals of the school
  • Work across two campuses with ability to seamlessly support and respond to the needs of each
  • Work effectively with a diverse population of colleagues, students and families
  • Attend and participate in appropriate/relevant faculty and school related meetings

The mission of our school is to:

  • Build an empowered and inclusive community of students, parents, and educators 
  • Engage the whole child—intellectually, social-emotionally, and physically 
  • Help all students to know themselves and to be known well by their community 
  • Challenge each student to take an active role as an informed citizen in a global society 
  • Collaborate with the larger community to advocate for student-centered schools

We are committed to strengthening and preserving diversity, fostering an environment of equity and ensuring that we are as inclusive as we can possibly be. 

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