Middle Campus Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager should proactively ensure that our buildings and grounds are in the best possible condition to support learning, and empower others to be effective partners in that effort. This includes maintaining the safety and upkeep of the building as well as tending to maintenance requests from school administration and staff.

The vision of Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is to be a dynamic learning community where students become lifelong learners. The Middle Campus Facilities Manager position is critical to the maintenance and improvement of our student-centered physical space that supports our focus on the whole child. Individual and collective responsibility to our school family is an important guiding principle in the pursuit of our vision. This position reports to the Principal, Middle Campus and the Executive Director.

Roles and responsibilities:


  • Works with staff to proactively assess, mitigate or eliminate safety hazards with a focus on a safe and healthy learning environment for students, faculty and staff
  • Anticipates and prepares for fire, health, and safety inspections
  • Monitors safety equipment (e.g., electrical, lighting, alarm systems, etc.) as directed
  • Maintains clear routes for emergency egress
  • Monitors building conditions. Reports suspected problems and/or unsafe conditions (e.g., unusual odors, discolorations, noises, leaks, etc.)
  • Responds to unexpected or urgent situations (e.g., accidents, equipment failure, etc.)

Facilities Management

  • Makes recommendations for facility improvements and upgrades in the support of a student-centered learning environment
  • Works as project manager for large scale facility renovations and improvements
  • Supervises/manages custodial contractor
  • Coordinates cleaning schedule and adjusts as necessary
  • Ensures quality and compliance with all health and safety standards
  • Performs emergency/minor cleaning as necessary


  • Maintains equipment, structures, windows, doors, and furnishings
  • Completes, or arranges for, repairs or maintenance requests from administration, faculty or staff
  • Establishes, shares and follows preventative maintenance calendar
  • Performs repairs while avoiding disruption of building activities except in the case of an emergency. Consults with the executive director and principal to schedule major repairs and ensure compliance with building codes and ADA accessibility standards
  • Develops short/long range maintenance and improvement recommendations
  • Maintains playground areas and equipment as needed
  • Monitors, regulates, and inspects HVAC equipment as directed.
  • Helps prepare equipment for annual inspections and maintenance
  • Coordinates with HVAC service provider for preventative maintenance

The successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Experience in or the ability to adapt to managing an educational facility
  • Ample training, education and/or certifications in relevant areas of skill
  • An ability to effectively and efficiently coordinate with educators in the management of the building and grounds
  • A proactive and positive approach to the job requirements
  • An understanding of the importance of the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion work
  • An ability to work effectively with a diverse population of colleagues, students and families
  • An ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, administration, parents, community members and others to support and implement the vision and goals of the school
  • A willingness to work a flexible schedule as necessary to support a student-centered approach to facilities management.

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School will pay a competitive salary based on education and experience.

The mission of our school is to:

  • Build an empowered and inclusive community of students, parents, and educators
  • Engage the whole child—intellectually, social-emotionally, and physically
  • Help all students to know themselves and to be known well by their community
  • Challenge each student to take an active role as an informed citizen in a global society
  • Collaborate with the larger community to advocate for student-centered schools

We are committed to strengthening and preserving diversity, fostering an environment of equity and ensuring that we are as inclusive as we can possibly be.

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