Special Education Teacher (Grades K-5)

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS) is seeking dynamic and motivated educators to implement and support instruction and assessment practices for a diverse group of students. This position will establish a strong working partnership with the lead general education teacher and effectively utilize this relationship to develop an exceptional learning environment for students.

The position of Special Education Teacher (Grades K-5) at the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS) involves the following primary responsibilities:

  • Provide classroom instruction for students in a co-taught classroom.
  • Confer with parents, Special Education Department lead, testing specialists, social workers, and teachers to develop individual educational plans designed to promote students’ educational, physical, and social development and prepare IEPs in accordance with state, federal, and any other applicable guidelines, regulations, and/or laws.
  • Collate and maintain accurate and complete student records, including preparing and delivering progress reports and report cards; creating and maintaining a weekly schedule that meets the hours of student support on your caseload; maintaining student work samples; and meeting with parents, guardians, and teachers to discuss these records
  • Collect behavioral data through conducting functional behavior analysis, classroom observations, and behavioral data collection; create, manage, and collate data on daily behavior plans; and teach socially acceptable behavior, employing techniques such as behavior modification strategies, teaching social skills, and positive reinforcement
  • Plan and conduct specially designed instruction (SDI) in a constructivist environment and employ highly skilled special educational instructional strategies and techniques to improve academic achievement and the development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory
  • Accommodate the general education curriculum for students with disabilities, based upon a variety of instructional techniques and assistive technologies, such as computers, audiovisual aids, and other equipment and materials to supplement student learning
  • Work collaboratively with a diverse group of school colleagues, parents, community members and others to support and implement the goals of the school
  • Participate fully in faculty and school related meetings
  • Engage in continuous professional development and shared learning with other professional staff
  • Work flexible hours as needed
  • Demonstrate sound classroom management skills and embrace differentiated instructional approaches to learning
  • Other duties as assigned

Reports to:
Directly to Elementary Campus Principal

Minimum of a bachelor’s degree required; current Georgia teacher certification and special education certification.

The experience and qualifications preferred for this position include:

  • Experience working with elementary school-aged students
  • Knowledge of the laws and needs of serving students with disabilities
  • Ability to collaborate well with other teachers
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in working with diverse groups of students, teachers, and families

191-day employee 

Commensurate with education and experience

The mission of our school is to:

  • Build an empowered and inclusive community of students, parents, and educators
  • Engage the whole child—intellectually, social-emotionally, and physically
  • Help all students to know themselves and to be known well by their community
  • Challenge each student to take an active role as an informed citizen in a global society Collaborate with the larger community to advocate for student-centered schools

We are committed to strengthening and preserving diversity, fostering an environment of equity and ensuring that we are as inclusive as we can possibly be.

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