Be Your Own Valentine: Self-Esteem Workshop for 5th Grade Girls

Does your child put herself down? Is she harder on herself than anyone else? This workshop can help! Based on the concepts from the book “Don’t Be Your Own Bully”, this workshop will introduce a gang of bullies, “The Self-Esteem Stealers” that live in each of our heads. Through interactive discussion and art activities, your child will learn to deal with their inner bullies so they can learn to love themselves on Valentine’s Day and every day! Don’t Be Your Own Bully available at a a discounted price of $10 for workshop participants. Therapist, Author and ANCS parent Kerri Golding Oransky, LCSW will lead this workshop and escort the students to her office Coffeehouse Counseling located just across the street from ANCS. Questions? Contact

Scholarships Offered

Spots are limited to Six Participants. To Register Click Here