Counseling Groups for Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Elementary: Children learn through play and discovery.  The Gaia Elementary Group provides a safe therapeutic space for children to process inner feelings and learn coping skills as they share time with other children. Gaia Play Therapists will support and empower children with a relational child-centered approach that is compassionate and nurturing.

Middle: Early adolescence can be a very confusing time. The Gaia Middle School Group will be a fun, safe, and supportive environment to help kids manage social, emotional, and psychological challenges and changes. The therapy team at Gaia are compassionate, strengths focused, and tuned in to the world of tweens and teens.

High School: Being seen, heard, accepted, and valued are basic human needs. Too often in high school, kids can feel lost and confused. The High School Group at Gaia is an open group for all teens to find support and connection. Our highly skilled clinical team will lead and support the group to develop skills that will help them find their strengths to thrive during this challenging time.

Interested? Call 404-783-2079 for more information and to sign up.