Elementary and Middle School Summer Camps in EAV

Registration is open for summer camps at Root and Blossom Counseling in East Atlanta Village.
You Grow Girl: Expressive Arts Camp
Rising 2nd-5th Grade Girls
June 10th-14th
“You Grow Girl” is a unique and enriching summer camp experience designed to foster self-discovery and growth. Through a dynamic blend of art, drama, dance, and discussion-based activities, girls will not only have a blast but also gain valuable life skills to embrace their unique qualities and strengths, explore healthy ways of dealing with social dynamics, and discover healthy outlets for managing stress and expressing emotions.
Grow Your Garden: Cultivate Social Emotional Skills
Rising 1st-3rd Graders
June 24th-28th
Rising 4th-5th Graders
June 24th-28th or July 15th-19th
At “Grow Your Garden” children will blossom with self-awareness and resilience. Our unique camp nurtures growth through horticulture, mindfulness, and creativity. Campers explore responsibility, patience, and interconnectedness while planting seeds, practicing mindfulness, and embracing creativity. Together, they build a caring community, emphasizing empathy, kindness, and cooperation. Join us for a transformative summer of growth, connection, and blooming friendships!
Grow and Glow: Middle School Girls Camp
Rising 6th-7th Grade Girls
June 17th-21st or July 15th-19th
Through fun and creative activities and discussions, campers will develop a strong sense of self-worth and a toolbox of coping skills to respond to middle school stressors with strength and resilience. These skills will empower them to confidently navigate social drama, resist peer pressure, and effectively manage the emotional complexities of middle school life. Our camp fosters a supportive environment where girls learn to celebrate their individual strengths and embrace their authentic selves. Activities are thoughtfully curated to boost self-confidence, nurture positive self-concepts, and encourage healthy self-expression.
Registration and more info can be found at www.rootandblossomcounseling.com/camps