Pure Tennis Summer Camps at Woodward Academy

Howdy Parents!

We are fast approaching the final weeks of school and it’s that time when we are all trying to schedule a FUN summer camp opportunity for our children.

We would love to see your child enrolled in one or all of our many weeks of morning half-day Junior Development/Kick-Start Academy Summer Tennis Camps at Woodward Academy (20 minute drive from Grant Park) which are filling up nicely!

Please click any of the links below to be directed to the WA summer camp information/registration page for more information.


Junior Development Tennis Program Camp (Grades 1-3)

This camp is designed to stimulate and challenge children of all levels, age groups and abilities. Our future Champions will learn more than how to hit a tennis ball, they will learn how to have fun playing the game of tennis. Our professionals use drills, games, and instructional teaching aids so children will learn simple tasks, then move onto more challenging exercises.

Every segment quickly builds confidence, focus and consistency. Racquets, nets, tennis courts and even balls are modified to the appropriate sizes for maximum control and comfort. This accelerates the learning process and produces lasting results in the child’s stroke development and focus.

Kick-Start Junior Academy Program  Camp (Grades 4-7) For the intermediate to advanced player.

Program Objectives:

The goal of Kick-Start Summer Tennis Program is to continue the development of players through match play experience and cooperative drills at the intermediate level prior to progressing players to advanced tournament and high school varsity team play. Participants will be provided the opportunity to learn and grow in the game of tennis as well as develop positive social skills.

Instruction and reinforcement of advanced beginner to intermediate tennis technique through staff instruction. Players will learn advanced techniques for forehand and backhand ground strokes, forehand and backhand volleys, serves, lobs and overheads, as well as offensive and defensive strategies.

• Players will demonstrate and practice singles and doubles play through a combination of cooperative drills and on court tennis games.

• Players will be taught the importance of good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship enhances a player’s ability to perform well and to maintain self-control. It affords players the opportunity to exhibit self-respect and respect for others. Good sportsmanship allows for the development of friendships. Learning the rules and etiquette of the game of tennis demonstrates a further commitment to good sportsmanship.