Social Skills and Mindfulness Group for Teens

Firefly Wellness counseling is offering a group for teens starting February 5th.

Being a parent to a teenager can feel impossible. Academic, social, physical, and emotional changes may have turned your child into someone you barely recognize. Mindfulness has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression while increasing feelings of self-esteem in teens.

Learning mindfulness skills can make the teen years go more smoothly and give your child a foundational skill that will serve them their entire life.

Calm and Connected

Our mindfulness group will support your teen with managing the intense physical sensations and emotions of adolescence through mindfulness while also learning vital social skills. This group focuses on:

  1. Improved Mind-Body Connection: We’ll review the basics of how to regulate physical sensations related to stress, sadness, and anxiety.
  2. Learning the Basics of Mindfulness: We’ll go over easy ways to practice mindfulness that your teen can even do in the middle of a school day.
  3. Processing Day-to-Day Stressors: Your teen will have the chance to bring up any struggles they are going through where they will receive support from our skilled therapist. With space to process, your teen will also learn how to use mindfulness in the moment to manage those stressors.
  4. Social Skill Building: The teen years are already tough. Add in social media and a pandemic and it is no wonder that so many teens are struggling with social skills. This group will help your teen learn ways to interact in a healthy way with their peers.