The New School Open House – in person!

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Curious about our Design program? Hear about the multi-year offerings and mentoring relationships that make teaching and learning at TNS unique.

Interested in Entrepreneurship and Internships? Come see how TNS students are taking what matters to them and making it real in the world.

Wondering about what’s happening right now with everything from Economics and Calculus to AP English Lang and Environmental Science?

Our teachers are here for conversation with you. The same goes for our current parents and students who came from many different middle schools and neighborhoods to call TNS home; they were once in your shoes and are glad to tell you what makes TNS a great fit.

If you have yet to schedule a Virtual Parent Visit, submit the form HERE to access the sign up options. This opportunity is one-on-one, just for 8th grade parents, and only offered in the fall. Parents curious about TNS are good company! We can talk through financial aid too. Jill Morehouse Lum, Director of Admissions is eager to answer your questions, hear your hopes and dreams, and share TNS. 202-412-9743.