Early/AfterCare Update: Elementary Campus

  • If you already registered your child(ren) for all the days your family needs childcare, no further action is necessary. Thank you for signing up. 
  • If you alerted Kelly Dennis of the need for seats in Early/AfterCare at the Elementary Campus, she has already completed your registration and sent a confirmation email. No further action is necessary. Thank you for reaching out.
  • If you need to register your child(ren) for Monday EarlyCare, use the EarlyCare Sign-Up link to reserve the days you need child care. We have added slots to this sign-up. 
  • If you need to register your child(ren) for AfterCare, use the AfterCare Sign-Up (Additional) link. This is a new sign-up (all previous registrations are still valid) with additional slots added for each grade. 

If you find that your family’s needs are still unmet or you have additional questions, please email Kelly Dennis at kdennis@atlncs.org

Going forward: 

  • We will migrate to a new registration platform that is easier to navigate/manage.
  • We will provide more frequent registration windows to accommodate schedules that may change.

Additional notes: 

  • We have now increased our elementary campus AfterCare capacity by over 80% (compared to pre-COVID enrollees).
  • Elementary campus teachers’ working hours are from 7:30am – 3:30pm. Although some also stay on to work additional hours, most of the AfterCare team is composed of a separate set of employees. We hire AfterCare staff according to the number of students enrolled in the program.
  • As mentioned, we will add a tutoring/small group academic support component to AfterCare this year. We will first give teachers an opportunity to assess the students’ needs. We expect this support to begin shortly after Labor Day.
  • We are able to waive AfterCare fees this year due to a one-time restricted grant. If you are accustomed to paying for AfterCare and are still able to do so, we invite you to contribute to the Gather & Grow Fund to help support other members of the school family.