K-5 Arrival & Dismissal Info

Dear ANCS Elementary Families,

We are so excited to see our school family come together next Tuesday, August 3rd for the first day of school. I am sure you are excited, as well, along with some nervousness. The school building has been buzzing with faculty and staff getting ready and finalizing details to ensure we all remain safe and have a positive experience.

One of the first bits of information you need is what arrival and dismissal will look like each day. We will have a staggered arrival and dismissal. Arrival will be between 7:30 and 8:00 (T, W, TH, & F) and between 9:00 & 9:30 on Mondays. Students will enter through different doors depending on their grade level. There will be members of the ANCS faculty and staff in the front of the building to help students. Please have your child ready to exit the car on the passenger side so they can step right onto the sidewalk and never let them out into the middle of the road. Additionally, please stay in your car and allow your student to exit the car and walk up to school. If you would like to walk your child up to the school building, please park and walk up rather than stopping in the car rider lane. This blocks traffic and causes congestion.

These are the arrival times on Tuesday-Friday:

  • Kindergarten, first and second graders arrive between 7:30-7:40am.
  • Families with students across K-2 and 3-5 arrive between 7:40-7:50am.
  • Third, fourth and fifth graders arrive between 7:50-8:00am. If you are opting for your child to eat breakfast at school, you can arrive earlier so your child has time to eat before class begins.

There is no staggered arrival on Mondays.

Students will enter through different doors depending on their grade level. Here is the procedure for entering the building:

  • Kindergarten and first graders will enter through the door that is by the library.
  • Second and third graders will enter through the main front doors.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will enter through the door on the Pavillion Street side of the school building.

All students should be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving home each day. The screening information should be entered into SchoolDoc so we know your child’s health status to begin each day. The form MUST be filled out by 8:30am on Monday and 7am Tuesday-Friday. If your student is participating in Early Care, the form must be filled out by 7am on Monday. Please contact Nurse Leigh Hicks at lhicks@atlncs.org if you have any questions about SchoolDoc. 

We will have a staggered dismissal, as well. Here is the schedule for when students will be dismissed from classrooms.

  • Students who walk home on their own (without a parent meeting him/her at the school) or in a group will be dismissed beginning at 2:30. Students in 4th and 5th grades will be dismissed first, followed by 2nd and 3rd grades and then K and 1st. This allows older siblings time to get to the front yard to meet a younger sibling before walking home.
  • After these students have exited the building (approximately 2:35), we will begin dismissing car riders. Car riders will be called from their classroom by their car rider number. Please make sure you child knows his/her car rider number to help expedite this process.
  • Once all car riders have started being dismissed, students who have parents/caregivers walking to school to meet them will be dismissed (approximately 2:40). We will call students from their classroom to meet you in the front of the building. Please do not congregate on the school grounds once your child has met you in front.
  • All students will exit the building from the same doors they used to enter in the morning.

Please be on time to pick your child up each day. If you need to change pick up plans, email your child’s teachers before 11:00. If plans change after that time, call the school and let the receptionist know so a message can be given to the teachers. After care begins at 2:45. If you have pre-registered, your child will be picked up straight from the classroom.

Thank you for all you do to support our school. As always I am happy to answer any questions and I hope you have a peaceful remainder of your week.