At ANCS, we value the diversity of our school community and are actively and intentionally ensuring that all members of our school family are served well through equitable and inclusive policies, practices, and opportunities.

Diversity and Equity Action Team

The Diversity and Equity Action Team (DEAT) is a core group of stakeholders with the necessary skills, expertise, time and commitment to engage staff, faculty, students, board and community through direct work and through overseeing additional teams in creating a more welcoming and equitable environment at ANCS. DEAT was started in the 2017-2018 school year under the leadership of Matt Underwood, ANCS’ former executive director. 

A parent co-chair from both the elementary and middle campuses lead DEAT in partnership with the school’s K-8 Equity Support Coordinator, Tilifayea Griffin. DEAT is vested with decision-making ability and is also responsive to input and suggestions from other teams. DEAT creates task forces to explore key questions and identifies yearlong action priorities. DEAT team members participate in additional teams as skills, time and interest permit.

Our Vision

The ANCS Diversity and Equity Action Team is an intentional, co-created space for our school family – faculty, staff, parents, board and community members to reflect, learn with/from each other, and build strength and capacity in our community across differences to examine systemic issues of inequity within our school. This is an effort to improve the lived experience of all members of our school community and create equitable outcomes for all.

ANCS is dedicated to building the diversity of our school community and deliberately and explicitly challenging all forms of inequity–particularly related to race and class–within our school community. ANCS has formed a diversity and equity action team to deepen this work. In the 2018-2019 school year, the following priorities were developed as a result of our team’s work together.

Our Priorities

  • To raise awareness of equity and inclusion among DEAT members
    • Using trainings, workshops, participation at community events, affinity groups, etc. for committee members to increase knowledge, awareness, and capacity to lead this work

  • Conduct equity analysis of parent engagement

    • Via equity walks at PTCA, community meetings, school-wide events and other methods where parents engage

    • Review PTCA practices and protocols especially in regards to communications and participation levels (membership, participation at events, etc.)

    • Determine opportunities to build affinity groups for parents to improve engagement and safe space (ex. Latino families, LGBTQ, etc.)

  • Develop a plan for broader school community engagement (especially parents) in diversity and equity work at ANCS

      • Identifying and marketing community, school cluster and national events where issues of diversity and inclusion are being discussed.

      • Organize opportunities to participate as a school community in these events and host discussions.

  • Develop equity and inclusion communications messaging and branding to increase awareness about ANCS equity goals

    • Develop a communications plan and promote awareness of the work of the DEAT as well as the broader and deeper investment in equity and inclusion happening within ANCS staff and faculty

    • Coordination with ANCS communications team regarding crisis communication to support increased equity and inclusion in times of crisis.

    • Ongoing documentation of the DEAT process

  • Community outreach to build relationships in parts of ANCS attendance zone currently underrepresented in enrollment at the school (ex. Community and school cluster events)

  • Identify data collection needs across team priority areas to advance goals, track progress or inform planning

    • Role across all committees

The Equity Support Team

The Equity Support Team at ANCS consists of equity support coaches at each campus who have been selected to facilitate professional learning communities that build capacity for our faculty and staff’s knowledge, skills and development in understandings of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Equity support coaches have experience in Critical Friendship and have participated in and/or interned with the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools‘ Equity-Based iGroup Facilitator training, a high-level professional development that trains leaders to support their schools toward educational equity.

Our Goal

The goal of K-8 diversity and equity work at ANCS is for all members of our school family to be served well. To do this, we must commit to identify, interrupt, and transform inequity at all levels, personal and structural. In order to accomplish this – We will…

  1. Learn from each other across difference and in affinity.

  2. Identify inequities and commit to interrupt and transform them in our school context.

  3. Provide experiences that provoke learning and reflection for transforming our practices.

  4. Build skills necessary to do work each day in our school at all levels.