A Message from Our Board Chair

Greetings from my auxiliary office, or as it was formerly known, a bedroom with a laptop and a pair of headphones to drown out my children’s voices as they learn from the world’s greatest substitute teacher, my wife Paige. Obligatory joke aside, I am writing to you — the parents, the caregivers, the leadership team, the faculty, the staff, the PTCA, and the entire school family — to express a message of gratitude from myself and the entire board.

ANCS is no stranger to adversity. In our first year of operation, the Elementary Campus was destroyed by a fire. It wouldn’t reopen for over two years. But during this time our school continued to grow and thrive. I moved to Grant Park a few months after the school reopened in 2005, so I can’t bear witness to how the community came together during that time. I can say that what I have seen from everyone in our school community the past few weeks truly honors the sacrifice and resilience of the families and teachers who persevered through that period.

Our school leaders and teachers have created an equitable remote educational model in only a few weeks that reflects our constructivist philosophy. Our nutrition team has stepped up to serve delicious, healthy meals — not just to the ANCS family, but anyone in Atlanta in need. Our parents and caregivers have been patient and willing partners while still navigating changes in every other aspect of their daily lives.

When a crisis first emerges, there is a flurry of action. Everyone has something to do all the time. A spirit of unity permeates the community. As we move on from that phase and become fully acquainted with our new reality, it is my hope that we can continue in the spirit of grace towards one another. Our children and our entire community will emerge stronger and more resilient from this experience.

At the outset of this letter I told you it was one of gratitude, but I realize I have yet to say thank you. Thank you teachers. Thank you school leaders. Thank you staff. Thank you to my fellow board members. And thank you parents. I look forward to seeing all of you in person as soon as we are able.

I wish you well,
Eric Teusink
ANCS Board Chair