A Year-End Message from the Executive Director

Thank you for the commitment and resolve you showed in pushing through the end of an unprecedented school year. I am proud of the way our school family responded to a challenge that continues to impact our lives in powerful ways. You should take a moment if you haven’t already to celebrate with your student(s).

We will very soon begin the decision-making process for our approach to the next school year. We will spend this summer reviewing information provided by public health experts and laying careful, flexible plans. We are asking now for your feedback as we do every year in our annual survey, with an added focus on remote learning during the closure. We will also check-in with you as August nears so that we better understand your perspectives on returning to school.

As we address the public health concerns, we are also navigating the financial challenges and economic uncertainty created by the pandemic. We have received official word that funding for the upcoming school year will be reduced significantly. While we are confident that our fundraising efforts and conservative fiscal policy will allow us to deliver the objectives established in the budget the board has adopted for the upcoming year, it is clear that changes will have to be made in the near future. We have already begun to look for opportunities to restrict spending and – hopefully – mitigate the impact of an impending downturn.

We will ask that you stay perhaps a bit more dialed-in than usual over the coming weeks so that we might appropriately involve you in and keep you informed of our planning process. Thank you again, and I wish you healthy and happy summer.

Chuck Meadows