College & Career Readiness Performance Index Results

The College & Career Readiness Performance Index, or CCRPI, is “Georgia’s tool for annually measuring how well its schools, districts, and the state are helping students achieve their goals.” It measures schools in six areas:

  1. Content mastery – are students achieving at a level necessary to be prepared for the next grade?
  2. Progress – how much growth are students demonstrating when compared to academically similar students?
  3. Closing the gap – are all students in various subgroups making gains in achievement?
  4. Readiness – are students attending school and demonstrating a readiness for the next grade?
  5. School climate – measures student, teacher, and parent perceptions of a school’s climate, tracks student discipline data, checks for a safe and substance-free learning environment, and measures school-wide attendance. 
  6. Financial efficiency – compares per student spending against overall performance  

The scores for the 2018-2019 academic year were released last Friday. Our school-wide score is 81.9, down just slightly from 82.2 last year. This places us ahead of the State of Georgia and in the upper tier of Atlanta Public Schools.

We saw school-wide gains in Content Mastery year over year. The elementary grades continue to perform strongly in the Progress category, and the middle campus saw sizable improvement in the same area. An identified area of growth is Closing the Gap. Our leadership team, faculty and staff are already taking steps to address this challenge. We have changed the way we use the academic growth period at the middle campus and we have added a Saturday School session at the elementary campus.

We have also formed a task force that includes faculty, administrators and governing board members to track current efforts and develop new recommendations on how we can ensure that all ANCS students benefit equally from the educational experience we offer. This challenge is neither new nor unique, but it is one we take on in continued pursuit of our commitment to equity and inclusion.

We look forward to continued work in this area with the full support of our school community.

The reports can be found by clicking this link and typing in either Atlanta Neighborhood Charter Elementary or Middle.