Elementary Principal Letter

Dear ANCS Elementary Families,

This is the last week in the building for our cohort one students – The Arctic Wolves. This school year is winding down quickly and we have a lot going on here at the EC. We are all excited that we have the ability to end the year with our students in-person and teachers are working on new ways to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments of our students.

For example, Coach Daniel is running field day games and activities for every PE class this week and next. Last year she was super creative and developed a virtual field day and because we still can’t mix classes or have the whole school together outside for field day, she is doing it class by class. They seem to be having a lot of fun!

We are working on a few ways to collect materials and computers this year.

  • If your child is in cohort two, The Temple of Zoom, he/she can return the school-issued computer & charger along with any additional classroom materials by the last day of school.
  • If your child is in cohort one, The Arctic Wolves, and will need his/her computer for the last week of school for virtual learning, we will have a drop off on June 2nd from 12:00 to 7:00 PM.
  • If your child has remained 100% virtual, you can drop off materials on June 2nd between noon and 7:00 PM.

If your child needs his/her school-issued computer over the summer in order to participate in the summer learning program, you will indicate that on the form that is in the courier.

We are also working on getting summer reading books, yearbooks and t-shirts home with all of our students. Students in cohort one will bring theirs home this Friday. Students in cohort 2 will receive theirs next week when they are in the building. 100% virtual students will be able to pick up their bag on June 2nd between noon and 7:00 PM.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a wonderful remainder of your week.