Elementary Principal Letter

Dear ANCS Elementary Families,

I hope you are enjoying your week so far and are staying healthy and happy.

What a fantastic day we had to enjoy our annual Fall Festival last Saturday. Thank you to all of the folks who came out for the fun and the weather was absolutely beautiful for spending a day outside. The organizers, Joni Dubriel Harris and Christina Washington, along with our PTCA did a fantastic job organizing this fun, family-oriented event for our school. We appreciate all their efforts along with all the folks who gave their time to volunteer at the festival. It was so wonderful to have a family-focused weekend here at school.

Our PTCA is also sponsoring another Third Friday Coffee this Friday on the back patio of the elementary campus. You can enter through the gate on Grant Street, right by the library. Coach Daniel and Ms. Paez will be bringing all our lost and found items outside for you all to look through. We are hoping that you will stop by and take home items that belong to you. We will be donating all items that are left in the lost and found on December 16th.

Over the past two weeks we have been focusing on having gratitude for our mindful moment during our school-wide morning meeting. Last week we specifically thought about where our food came from and and having gratitude for all the many people it took to bring the food we eat to our plate (farmers, drivers, factory workers, chefs, parents, etc.). This week we are taking another spin on having gratitude by recognizing that we have so much abundance in our lives. We are working on changing our language from “I have to _____” to “I get to _____.” For example, instead of saying, “I have to go to soccer practice.” say “I get to go to soccer practice.” Instead of saying, “I have to clean the dinner table.” say “I get to clean the dinner table.” Changing our language helps us to better understand how lucky we are to have the things we have and to have gratitude for them.

I do want to take a moment to let you all know how thankful I am for our ANCS school family. There were many unknowns as we started this school year. We did know, however, that things would not be perfect as we navigated another year of Covid mitigation strategies. Thus far, we have supported one another as a school family and worked together to ensure that we are all able to do our personal best each day and maintain our focus on supporting the whole human. For this, I have so much gratitude. I appreciate your ongoing support.

I am wishing you a restful, joyful and safe Thanksgiving.