Elementary Principal Letter

Dear ANCS Elementary families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I have heard from many of our students that they got the Covid vaccine over the break. They were actually excited about it and we are all excited about having more protection from Covid here at the elementary campus.

Next week at school we will be celebrating Inclusive Schools Week. I am so excited that we are all in the building together this year to feel truly united as a school family. This year’s theme is Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together. This is such an appropriate theme as we have spent a lot of time this year working on learning how to be all together again. Loss of social skills and transitioning back into the routine of school were harder than we thought they would be. So, we have been working hard rebuilding our wolfpack.

Here at school Inclusive Schools Week is a big deal and we have a lot planned to optimize learning about how we can be a caring and inclusive school family. One of the fun things we do throughout the week is have a daily theme for dressing up. We hope your child will participate in this and all the other activities we have planned. Here are the themes for next week.

  • Monday: Be comfortable, be you! – It’s easier to be our best selves when we are comfortable. Be you! And dress in your comfiest clothes.
  • Tuesday: Hats off for Inclusion! – Hat day! Wear a hat you love in honor of tipping our hats to inclusion at ANCS.
  • Wednesday: Blue for Belonging! – Wear blue or your ANCS t-shirt because you BELONG to a school family!
  • Thursday: Heroes for Inclusion! – Who are your heroes that fight for what’s right? Dress up as a superhero, in camo, or whatever feels heroic to you! *no face/eye coverings (other than your COVID mask)
  • Friday: Be Unique! – Nobody else can be you, except you! Let’s embrace our differences. Wear mismatched or unique clothing.

Thank you for all you do to support our school family. As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Take care,