Letter from Our Elementary Campus Principal

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

The time has come to close out the 2021-2022 school year, and what a year it has been. Students have spent the past couple weeks at school focusing on our fifth Guiding Principle, “We Celebrate Our Individual and Collective Successes.” With portfolio shares, the fifth grade celebration, field days, running awards and signing yearbooks (coming this Friday), we have been very busy! I am proud of the great work we have accomplished together and I hope each student is equally proud of his/her successes this year.

I do have so much gratitude for our little school here in Grant Park and my heart is heavy for all the families and faculty and staff at Robb Elementary School in Texas. Each day we welcome 396 students into our building and their safety is in our hands. It’s a huge responsibility, and we take it very seriously. Because of the range of ages here at the EC, we did not talk about the school shooting yesterday as a whole school family. We, instead, had a generic wish well for our nation at the beginning of our morning meeting. We also provided resources for teachers in the event the topic was brought up by a student. Additionally, Ms. Tottenham, our school counselor, was available throughout the day to talk to any student who wanted/needed to process emotions around this event. I am wishing you all well during this challenging time.

Please know that report cards will be sent home via email on Friday and that dismissal is at 11:30. There will be no aftercare on the last day of school. Please make sure that you have returned all library books back to the media center as soon as possible.

Please help me wish the following people well, as they will be moving on from ANCS at the end of this school year. These folks will also be recognized in our school-wide morning meeting on Friday. Remember, once a wolf, always a wolf!

  • Annabelle Coyne, 4th grade teacher
  • Sarah Hutchins, 1st grade associate teacher
  • Maya Smith, 2nd grade associate teacher
  • Matty Williams, 2nd grade adjunct staff
  • Joanie Johnson, Learning Lab teacher
  • David Walbert, kindergarten teacher
  • Leah Foster, 504 Coordinator
  • Anthony Lobban, Learning Lab associate teacher
  • Lindsey Garris, Exceptional Student Services lead teacher
  • Kelli Dyer, Nutrition staff
  • Lindsey Conway, Nutrition staff sous chef

I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to ANCS. Whether this is your first, sixth or tenth (or anywhere in between) year here, we appreciate all that you give to our wonderful school. We all know that what sets any great school apart is the investment its community makes to ensure its success. We know it takes all of us working together to not only make it work, but to allow us to thrive. That community spirit is the foundation of our school, and I truly believe that spirit is what is going to allow us to continue to flourish and be a true school family who cares for and supports one another in good times and in challenging times. Please know that your time and commitment is appreciated!

If you are curious about ways you can become more involved next year, check in early in the year with your child’s teachers or room parent, take time to review the PTCA committees and choose one that appeals to your interests, talk with our related arts teachers about ways you can support them, or talk with me directly about some other ideas you may have. We need to work together and keep the volunteering spirit alive here at ANCS.

As you move into the less routine oriented summer months, please consider keeping reading and math fact fluency practice as daily occurrences for your child. We often see students slide a bit over the summer with their reading comprehension and math fact knowledge. We believe that it is simply from neglecting to keep those areas a priority for the eight weeks over summer break. Math practice can only take ten minutes a day. Maybe you could practice some facts on the way to the pool or during breakfast a couple of mornings a week?

As far as reading, I encourage you to spend some time reading aloud to your child, even if your child is an avid independent reader. When I was in my Children’s Literature class at Agnes Scott, my professor read to us for the last half of each class. I can still hear her voice and remember the books she shared with us (and that was a long time ago!). Reading aloud really brought the characters to life and allowed us to have wonderful conversations about many aspects of the books. It gave us a shared experience and a way to connect our own understandings to each other’s. You can also listen to an audiobook while taking a road trip, so everyone gets the pleasure of being read to. The important part of reading, though, is following it up with conversation; that is what makes it meaningful and builds comprehension skills.

Again, thank you all so much for all your dedication and support of our school. We are a strong wolf pack! Have a wonderful, safe and happy summer break and we will see you back in school on August 2nd!

I wish you well,