Elementary Principal Letter

Dear ANCS Elementary Families,

We are focusing on our third guiding principle this week, We take responsibility for our actions and learning. Taking responsibility for our actions can be a challenge sometimes. Often students worry about the consequences that may occur due to their actions. Here at ANCS, we view mistakes as an opportunity to reflect, learn and modify behavior moving forward. One way we promote this at school is by encouraging students to use “I statements” when discussing an incident. For example, instead of saying, “Joe was throwing paper towels on the bathroom floor first.” We encourage students to start with the word I. A better statement would be, “I threw some paper towels onto the bathroom floor along with my friends.” Here the student is taking responsibility for his own actions and behavior.

One of the examples we gave for taking responsibility for our learning is asking questions when you need clarification or when you are confused about directions or what is being taught. Asking questions means that students are actively engaged in the lesson and are paying attention to what is being taught, not just being passive learners. Another example is taking responsibility for doing your home enrichment nightly. Even if students bring no other assignments home, they should be reading each night, even if it is being read to by an adult or sibling.

Just a few friendly reminders about arrival and dismissal.

  • Please do not park in the drop off or pick up lane, even if it is past Bass St. or in front of the main entrance to the school. If you wish to park and walk up to the front of school to drop off or pick up your child, you should park on the other side of Grant Street or on one of the side streets. Parking in the car rider lane causes congestion and makes conditions unsafe for bikers and walkers.
  • Please know your child’s dismissal number. This is for safety reasons. We will not share dismissal information with anyone else and we will not call a student by name.
  • Please have your child ready to get out of the car on the passenger side when you arrive in the drop off lane. This just makes the process run smoother for everyone.
  • We understand that the traffic can be a challenge in the mornings, but it is really not safe to let your child out of the car in the left lane of Grant Street and have him/her walk across the street through the car rider line. You should pull over and park, have your child walk up the sidewalk and cross over with the assistance of our crossing guard, Ms. Hill.

Finally, don’t forget that our curriculum night is next Wednesday from 4:30-6:30. Our after school program will close at 4:00 so teachers and families can make it to classrooms for the evening. See my courier from last week for more details about the evening.

I hope you have a wonderful remainder of your week!

Wishing you well,