Elementary Principal Letter

Dear ANCS Elementary families,

Happy return from a beautiful fall break! I hope you all enjoyed some extended time with your child(ren). My daughter was also on a break from college, so we enjoyed time camping and hiking and unplugging for a few days. It was delightful. 

Now that the weather has cooled off and students are wearing jackets and coats to school more often, it is super helpful to make sure that your child’s belongings (jackets, scarves, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.) are labeled with his/her full name. Things often get left around the school and are taken to lost and found whenever possible. However, it is always best when we can just return an item to its owner, which is what will happen if it is labeled. 

As Halloween is quickly approaching, there are signs and events popping up all over town. Consequently, our children are becoming more and more excited about the big day, which, unfortunately, is on a Monday this year. This is a fun time of year, but we ask that children do not wear their costumes to school or bring candy from their trick-or-treating loot. We will not have class parties on Halloween, but teachers may do some fun activities with the class. We are hopeful this will help us keep an atmosphere of calm and learning here at school and respect the members of our school family that do not celebrate Halloween. Thank you in advance for helping us with these efforts. 

For the most part, arrival and dismissal are running smoothly and we appreciate your contribution to that. Here are just a few reminders about arrival each morning. 

  • Do not park in the drop off line or in front of the school. If you would like to open your child’s car door or walk your child up to the building, please park on the other side of the street or on a side street. It is important that traffic keeps moving and when people are parked in front of the building it gets congested. 
  • Please do not enter the drop off or pick up line from Bass Street or try to cut in the line at any place. We do try to keep things moving as much as possible and others are also waiting. 
  • Your child is welcome to get out of the car by him/herself if they are able. You do not need to wait to have the door opened (even though Ms. King and I love opening your car door each morning). 
  • Do not drop your child off across the street and then expect him/her to cut through the drop off lane. Students should only be crossing the street in the crosswalk and with the assistance of our crossing guard. 

Finally, just a reminder that our breakfast window each morning is from 7:30 to 7:50. If your child is eating breakfast at school, please have them here by that time. It is disruptive for students to have to miss class time to go get breakfast and then eat it in the classroom during instruction. Thanks for your help with this. 

Thank you for your continued support of our school. As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Wishing you well,