Fundraising at ANCS

Dear ANCS Families,

As we approach the end of the calendar year, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some background and information about our fundraising efforts at ANCS. As a charter school, we are fortunate to have the autonomy to set priorities for our campuses, which directly impact our operating budget and the unique educational experience we provide to our students.

While a significant portion of ANCS funding comes from state and local sources, we also rely on fundraising to support various programs and initiatives that enrich our students’ learning and social-emotional development. The merger of Neighborhood Charter School and Atlanta Charter Middle School in 2010 marked a transformative moment for us, but it coincided with an economic downturn and reduced local and state funding. Thanks to the support of our dedicated families and community, we managed to keep our doors open during that challenging period, though resources were limited, leading to adjustments such as reductions in language programs and increased class sizes.

Today, we find ourselves in a more stable financial situation, but there are still many essential programs and initiatives that rely on additional funding, including two teachers in each classroom, holiday assistance for families in need, faculty and staff support throughout the year, back-to-school supplies for all students, our farm-to-table culinary program, curriculum and technology upgrades, grounds maintenance, related arts and athletics programming, and professional growth and development opportunities for our teachers and staff.

The Gather & Grow Fund has set a household giving goal of $140,000 for the 2023-24 school year. Every contribution, regardless of its size, matters greatly and is deeply appreciated. We encourage families to give what feels meaningful and rewarding to them, as your participation makes a significant difference and shapes the future of our school. Demonstrating engagement and community involvement enhances our fundraising profile and increases our opportunities to qualify for external funding.

Donations are welcome throughout the year and can be made through the Donate page on our website or by mailing a check to: ANCS, 688 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. All financial contributions are tax-deductible, and the IRS deadline for yearly tax deduction eligibility is December 31. For online donations, please submit by 11:59 p.m. on December 31, and for cash and checks sent by U.S. Mail, they must be postmarked by December 31.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for being a vital part of what makes ANCS truly great. Our school was built on the dedication of families like you, and it continues to flourish because of the unwavering support from our incredible community.


Paige Teusink
Business Manager, Advancement & Marketing