Fundraising at ANCS

Dear ANCS Families,

The end of the calendar year is a busy time for fundraising at ANCS, so I thought his would be an opportune time to provide a little background and information. As a charter school, we enjoy the privilege of making decisions about priorities we set for our campuses. These choices determine how much money we need to fund our operating budget.

Why does ANCS fundraise? Don’t we get funding from state and local sources?
While ANCS receives the majority of its funding from state and local sources, we also depend on fundraising to provide the unique educational and social-emotional learning experience to our students. During the 2010-11 school year, Neighborhood Charter School and Atlanta Charter Middle School merged to form ANCS. The merger created an exciting moment of expansion and redefinition but, unfortunately, collided with an economic downturn and further restrictions in local and state funding. Family and community support kept the doors open but with limited resources. ANCS had to cut back on language programs and increase class sizes during this period. Fortunately, we are now in a stronger financial situation, but there are many programs and initiatives that rely on additional funding, such as:

  • Two teachers in each classroom
  • Holiday assistance to families experiencing financial difficulties
  • Celebrations and tokens of support throughout the year for faculty & staff
  • Back-to-school supplies for all students
  • Farm-to-table culinary program
  • Curriculum and technology
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Related arts and athletics programming
  • Professional growth and development opportunities for teachers & staff

What is our goal and how close are we to meeting it?
The Gather & Grow Fund has a financial goal of $140,000 for the 2021-22 school year. Currently we have brought in a little over $90,000. An additional $400 over public funding per student is needed to retain our programs, yet every gift, regardless of size, matters and is greatly appreciated. We encourage families to give an amount that is rewarding and meaningful to them. Your participation makes a difference and impacts the future of our school. It is critical that we show the engagement and participation of our community to build our fundraising profile and improve our opportunities to qualify for external funding.

I already donated to the PTCA. Isn’t that the same as giving directly to the school?
Not exactly. The Gather & Grow Fund has the greatest impact on the classroom. Every dollar given goes directly into the school’s operating budget. The PTCA has its own budget and supports a variety of community building and classroom enrichments through events, programs, activities, and resources.

Is there a deadline for giving?
No. Donations are accepted 365 days a year through the Donate Page on our website. You may also mail a check to: ANCS, 688 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30, which means donations intended for this school year must be received by June 30. All financial contributions are tax-deductible. The IRS deadline for yearly tax deduction eligibility is December 31. Contributions made online must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on December 31. Cash and checks sent by U.S. Mail must be postmarked by December 31.

Still have questions? Normally, I would suggest stopping by the Business Office trailer at the Elementary Campus for a chat, but with COVID restrictions that is not an option right now. Feel free to shoot me an email at or give me a call 470-597-2330.

Thank you for being a vital part of what makes ANCS so great. Our school was built by dedicated parents and continues to thrive thanks to support from our families.


Paige Teusink
Business Manager, Advancement & Marketing