H.O.W.L. Platform Launches

Dear school family – 

Our remote learning program launches today. Dubbed the Home/Offsite Wolves Learning – or HOWL – platform, we’ve built a central website that all students, teachers and parents will access during the closure. It will continue to be loaded with lessons, videos, messages from teachers and administrators, sample schedules, expectations for parents and students and more. 

Students will start at the HOWL page for lessons and activities during the closure, and parents/caregivers are encouraged to check the site regularly for the information necessary to support their students. Once there, select “elementary” or “middle”, and then the appropriate grade level. We will continue to add resources and guidance over the coming days. 

Here are some highlights of our plan during the closure, subject to change as necessary: 

  • Elementary teachers are setting up virtual “office hours”. You can expect faster response times when communicating with your students’ teachers during that time. Middle grades teachers will be reached through the same methods available prior to the closure.
  • Special education and academic assistance teachers will be reaching out directly to families as appropriate to ensure continuity of service. 
  • The media centers on both campuses will be made available to students on a limited, reservation-only basis. Access will be restricted to one family at a time. 
  • School supply pick-up will be available at each campus according to a pre-set schedule.
  • We are planning to have multi-day meal packages produced by our culinary staff available for purchase and pick-up on days/times to be announced.

We have done our best to incorporate key elements of our school culture and pedagogical approach into the HOWL platform, but it is not possible to deliver the same individualized, whole child approach to learning in a remote environment. The first phases of teaching during the closure have been designed to focus more on review, enrichment and exploration – and less on new skills and knowledge. We have also made lessons consistent across the elementary grade levels and middle campus content areas. 

I continue to be impressed by the resilience and energy our school community has demonstrated. We wish you all well, and we will continue to work with the faculty, staff and board to support you all as best as possible.