Letter from Board Chair – Lia Santos

I asked the school administration if I could include a letter in The Courier today as we near the close of the school year. As an ANCS Governing Board Member and elementary parent for five years, I continue to learn every day the ways in which our school family is special.

Today, the morning meeting at the elementary campus was dedicated to Mrs. Goss. She is retiring after teaching here 14 years. The chorus sang three songs that remind us of her — each focusing on the sun. Ms. Wawerna talked about the happiness and joy and smiles that Mrs. Goss brings to the school family each and every day. Many of her former students walked in to surprise her and surrounded her with their appreciation and positive energy. These are the moments that truly prove how many lives are impacted by the ANCS family.

This is a resilient school community that is able to both celebrate successes and recognize/respond to challenges. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of a community that can do both well. I am constantly impressed by and grateful for how this family continues to thrive together.

On behalf of the governing board, I would like to thank the entire school community — faculty, staff, parents/caregivers, volunteers, and supporters — for all that you do. We especially want to thank the school’s leadership team and Acting Executive Director/Principal Lara Zelski for their tireless efforts during the second half of this school year. Each and every one of them worked together to fill gaps in the absence of a full-time Executive Director. They did this with enthusiasm, dedication, and know-how.

In closing, I personally ask that we continue to lead by example, stay true to our mission, vision, and values, and aspire to live by our guiding principles. The leadership team and board will continue to maintain an open door policy and encourage a collaborative environment.

As I end my service as Board Chair, I look forward to continuing to be a part of this wonderful community of families, educators, and administration. Have a terrific summer!


Lia Santos
Governing Board, Chair