Letter from Cathey Goodgame – April 29, 2015

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

Last Friday was an exciting day in the history of our Wolves Baseball program. In three short years, the team accomplished the goal of League Champions with an exciting win over Green Forest Academy. The trophy is enormous and we’re not sure it will even fit in the trophy case! Congratulations to all of the players, especially 8th graders Will Dorn, Sam Cole, Luke Crisp, Liam Dennis, Alex Roberson and Joseph McGill who were on the first baseball team three years ago and played their last game as Wolves on Friday.

The next few days will be significant in the lives of our 8th grade students as they each present during our portfolio exhibitions. Presentations begin tomorrow and run through Wednesday, May 6. A successful exhibition is one of the promotion requirements at ANCS and, perhaps more importantly, the preparation for this moment allows students to reflect upon the work they have done throughout this year. Eighth grade students present to their invited guests, two advisory groups, and a panel of four adults including at least one member from outside our campus family. The panel uses a rubric to score the students in Reflection on Growth and Learning, Evidence of Learning, Organization and Preparation, and Presentation Skills. I look forward to experiencing as many of these presentations as possible over the next five days. Please join me in wishing the 8th graders well as they show what they have learned this year!

With less than four weeks of school left things are exciting yet stressful on the middle campus. The schedule is different almost every day, students are feeling stress as they see the end of the year, and we are trying to breathe our way through these last few days. Most middle schoolers thrive in a structured environment where they know exactly what to expect day to day so end of the year changes to what they know, no matter how enjoyable, can add stress. Families can help normalize things for their children by keeping structures in place at home as much as possible. Don’t relax on the bedtime, wakeup time, dinner together, chores, or whatever your child usually does. Continuing whatever routines they’ve had throughout the year will help us all survive the last month of the school year with smiles on our faces.

Finally, today during Morning Meeting we honored all of our parents, guardians and volunteers with a special dedication. We could not support our students’ learning in the way we do without the help of so many of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Wishing you well,