Letter from Cathey Goodgame – August 7, 2018

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

Things have already gotten busy here at the Middle Campus; it’s hard to believe we are only on day 6! The students seemed to have adjusted pretty easily to being back on campus and the energy around the building is really positive.

Once again this year each Middle Campus student will have a Chromebook for his or her daily use during classes. All students have attended a Chromebook Orientation led by Mr. Boardman, Ms. Linahan, and me and have taken an assessment about expectations relating to use, treatment, and digital citizenship. The Chromebooks will be rolling out to each of the grade levels over the coming days. Here are some important things for parents and guardians to know.

The Chromebooks are:

  • to be used only during school hours. In fact, they won’t connect to a network anywhere
    outside of the Middle Campus.
  • only to be used by the student assigned to the Chromebook. Nobody else will
    be able to log in.
  • instructional tools and are to be used only when something is assigned by a
    teacher. All classrooms will again use a red/yellow/green visual system to indicate
    whether or not a Chromebook should be in use.

Athletics tryouts are happening in the coming weeks as we prepare for the exciting
fall sports seasons. Cross Country began their tryouts on Monday and Flag Football tryouts began yesterday and will continue tomorrow. Cheer is workshopping this week, yesterday and tomorrow, and will have tryouts this Friday. Ultimate Frisbee will kick off later in the month so stay tuned for more information about those tryouts. If you have any questions about Athletics please contact Santina Cambor, Athletics Director or 678-904-0051.

In addition to athletics we have a number of clubs that will begin over the coming weeks. Club sponsors will make announcements at Morning Meetings as they are ready to begin their activities. Some expected clubs and activities are: Art Club, Drama Club, Educate to Skate, Girls Club, Reading Bowl, and Student Council.

Wishing you well,