Letter from Cathey Goodgame – March 11, 2020

Dear ANCS Families,

Thursday morning during Advisory students will spend some time reflecting upon their progress so far in the school year as they review their Spring Advisor Reports. This round of reports, available to you in ManageBac after Advisory on Thursday, will have a Commitment to the Guiding Principles score from each of the 8 subject area teachers, a narrative from each of the 8 subject area teachers and a narrative from the Advisor. For most students, the subject area narratives are connected to the area for growth your child’s teacher noted in the Semester Progress Report in January. Teachers are including some specific verbiage from that semester report and are commenting on how that growth is going. The Advisor narratives are focused on progress on portfolio components – learning goals, service as action (6th and 7th only) and building/revising their e-portfolio.

We decided to focus the Advisor narratives on portfolio progress at this point in the year since portfolio and exhibition are two of the promotion criteria for all of our students. The portfolio work happens throughout the year and serves as a support for the students as they prepare for their exhibitions. We consider these two promotion criteria to be just as important as the others so we want to be sure you are receiving updates along the way. If you are now wondering about promotion criteria be sure to check out my January 15 Courier letter by clicking here.

Next week, we hope to see each Middle Campus family for our Spring Student-Led Conferences. Attendance at these conferences by at least one parent/guardian is an important way to support our middle school students. You should hear from your child’s advisor very soon, if you haven’t already, to schedule the conference.

Remember that these conferences are very different than parent-teacher conferences you may have experienced as a student yourself or with your child at another school. The conference is led by the student, with the adults serving as active listeners, and is designed to give students an opportunity to present evidence of their progress towards developing competence in the Learner Profile Attributes, exhibiting the ANCS Guiding Principles to their fullest potential, and reporting on their goals and strategies to improve learning. While the conversation during this conference will not be specific to performance in any subject area, you can always reach out directly to your child’s subject area teachers with questions or concerns.

Finally, we are entering the busiest part of the school year so it’s important that we share important dates with the families so everyone is on the same page. The list below is certainly not exhaustive, but I’ve tried to highlight the events that will directly affect most families.

Monday, March 16 – Professional Learning Day (No school for students)
Monday, March 16 through Wednesday, March 18 – Spring Student-Led Conferences
Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17 – Third MAP Administration (please avoid morning appointments if at all possible)
Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 24 – 8th grade Exhibitions
Monday, April 27 through Tuesday, May 12 – Milestones (please avoid appointments before noon on testing days for your child’s grade level):

Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28 – Algebra 1 Milestones
Wednesday, April 29 – Milestones ELA Section 1 (7th and 8th)
Thursday, April 30 – Milestones ELA Sections 2 and 3 (7th and 8th)
Monday, May 4 – Milestones Math Section 1 (7th and 8th)
Tuesday, May 5 – Milestones Math Section 2 (7th and 8th)
Wednesday, May 6 – Milestones Science (8th grade) and ELA Section 1 (6th grade)
Thursday, May 7 – Milestones Social Studies (8th grade) and ELA Sections 2 and 3 (6th grade)
Monday, May 11 – Milestones Math Section 1 (6th grade)
Tuesday, May 12 – Milestones Math Section 2 (6th grade)

Thursday, May 14 through Tuesday, May 19 – 6th and 7th grade Exhibitions
Thursday, May 21 – 8th grade Celebration (7:30 pm at MJHS)
Friday, May 22 – Last day of school (noon dismissal)

Wishing you well,