Letter from Cathey Goodgame – March 25, 2015

Dear ANCS Families and Friends, 

We look forward to seeing many of you in the building this week as we have Spring Student-led Conferences. Over the past couple of weeks, students have been diligently working during advisory to prepare for these conferences and begin preparation for their end-of-year portfolio exhibitions. We are especially proud of the way our students are reflective about their work and are able to articulate their growth during conferences and exhibitions, as well as daily during their classes.

Please join us this Friday at 8:15 in the cafeteria for the monthly Principal’s Coffee. This month, Morgan Potts, our School Psychologist, will present and facilitate a discussion about the adolescent brain. This continuation of last year’s presentation highlights the importance of relationships for adolescents and the changes that occur during this time of development, both in terms of peer relationships and the ever-changing relationships with parents.  

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week at ANCS! If you are a parent/guardian at the middle campus, you will receive a separate email from me with information about how to sign up to volunteer for the many special events planned by PTCA for our teachers next week. I am thankful every day for the great group of teachers we have at our school, but like you, I probably don’t take the time to thank them often enough. While reading about some teacher appreciation ideas, I ran across this very interesting “Top 6” list from the ASCD Edge (http://edge.ascd.org/blogpost/six-reasons-we-appreciate-teachers)

  1. We are grateful for your bravery. In today’s political climate, I have become convinced that good teaching is a singular act of bravery. To teach to the students instead of to the test, to continue to make children feel safe even if your job is not, to do what is right instead of what is expedient or fashionable requires a special brand of courage. Thank you for teaching courageously.
  2. We are grateful for your commitment. Teaching isn’t easy. Many of you knew that before you took the job and you stayed anyway. You love your students and are committed to their success and you won’t give up at the first sign of trouble. Thank you for loving our children and our profession enough to stick with it even when things get rough.
  3. We are grateful for your tenacity. When students don’t get it the first time, you try again and again, and again, until they do get it. You don’t give up; you figure it out. Thank you for persisting with every child until he or she is successful.
  4. We are grateful for your humility. You quietly work miracles in the classroom every day, asking for no recognition, and rarely receiving praise. It is often a thankless job, but you do it anyway. Thank you for quietly working miracles in the lives of children.
  5. We are grateful for your power. Only a teacher can transform the illiterate into expert readers, the ignorant into life-long learners, failures into scholars. You don’t just see children’s potential — you ignite it! Thank you for using your power to empower others.
  6. We are grateful for your generosity. You love children and you selflessly give them your very best each day. You want to see them learn and you work hard on their behalf to ensure that they do. Thank you for sharing the gift of learning with your students, your colleagues, and your communities. 

Thank you for all that you do for our children. You make all of our lives richer because of it.

Don’t forget to thank a teacher today, this week, next week, and whenever you have the opportunity. We are fortunate to have so many caring, dedicated professionals working with our children each day.

Wishing you well,