Letter from Cathey Goodgame – September 11, 2019

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

We had a great opening weekend of Athletics last weekend with Flag Football, Cheer and Cross Country all in action. The Flag Football team opened the season with a big win, 38-20, over Centennial Academy. The Cross Country team had several kids medal in the Whitefield Time Trials and several others run personal bests. Congratulations to 8th graders Branch (1st) and Alejandro (6th), and 6th grader Rybolt for taking home medals for the team. Go Wolves!

This weekend both teams will again be in action on Saturday. The Cross Country team will compete in the Konos Condor Fly Over Challenge at Heritage Church in Fayetteville. The girls will run at 9:50 am and the boys at 10 am. Flag Football and Cheer will be in action on Saturday night as they take on Westside Atlanta at 6 pm at Badgett Stadium in College Park.

As we enter the second month of school we want to ensure that everyone knows how communication works at the Middle Campus and what each of our electronic platforms provide.

ManageBac is our primary communication platform for information about what is going on in classes. You’ll see the following information in ManageBac from the teachers:

  • Weekly updates from the teachers
  • Information about the current unit of study
  • Calendar of upcoming summative assessments
  • Scores and feedback on summative assessments

If you’re not seeing these items in a timely manner please contact the teacher directly and feel free to let me know as well so I can follow up, if needed.

In addition to the information above, you’ll see the following in ManageBac:

  • Advisor reports (fall and spring before conferences)
  • Semester report in January
  • End of year report in May
  • Student six-week self-assessment – coming soon (more details heading your way)
  • MAP scores (fall and winter as soon as possible after testing window closes)

6th and new families – if you weren’t able to come to the MYP session last night please try to come on Friday morning. Information about and access to ManageBac is being shared as part of this session so it will be very helpful for you to attend.

Parents/Guardians often hear the kids talking about Google Classroom but are sometimes unsure how we use that platform. Google Classroom is used by teachers for messages, assignments, and assessments directly to the students. While you might ask your child to show you what’s happening it’s important that parents/guardians not have access to this directly. Students often do work in this platform and we need to make sure that the students are the only ones doing the work so we can accurately assess their progress.

In addition to ManageBac and Google Classroom, student agenda use and direct email or phone with families are two other invaluable means of communication:

  • Student agendas – please encourage your child to use this daily and for planning ahead. The agenda this year was specially designed for us and is a helpful tool once kids get in the habit of using it and they know someone at home will be looking at it.
  • Direct communication with families via email or phone – please reach out to any of us anytime you have a question or concern. If you have a question about something happening in class, please contact the classroom teacher directly. For students with IEPs your first point of contact is the special education teacher in the classroom and it’s helpful to copy the case manager if that’s not the same person. If you’re not sure how to direct your question always feel free to contact me and I’ll help you reach the right person.

Hopefully this helps provide a picture of how we communicate with families throughout the year. We recognize that much of our communication is electronic and know that may not work for all families. If you or a family you know has limited access to internet and/or computers please contact Kristin Lee, our counselor, and she will work with you to provide support in that area. If you ever have a need for printed copies of any reports housed in ManageBac please contact Santina Cambor, our front office manager, and she can work to support you with that need.

Wishing you well,