Letter from Lara Zelski – April 22, 2020

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

Happy Wednesday to you all. We are half way through our first week of phase four and so far things seem to be going fairly well. With the exception of some technical difficulties, we all seem to be making the adjustment quite well. Thank you all for supporting your child through this transition and thank you for being flexible with us as we are still learning so much, too.

As I stated in my video on Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics differentiates between “screen time” and online learning. I know that some of you have been concerned about the amount of time your child is spending on a computer. Please see this article for more information regarding screen time and media use for children of all ages.

Another article that I found to be helpful with navigating my feelings and emotions during this strange and ever changing time is called That Discomfort You Are Feeling is Grief. This article was specifically helpful in my understanding of anticipatory grief and how that plays a large role in how many of us are processing this situation in which we all find ourselves. I hope you’re able to find it useful, too.

Please know that we are working on a positive and fun way to end the year with our students. Be on the lookout for more information from your child’s teachers in the upcoming weeks. For our families of fifth graders, please know that we are brainstorming ways to make the 5th grade celebration special. As we finalize more details of how we will celebrate them, we will let you know. There is expected to be some time set aside just for them on the afternoon of Friday, May 15, so please pencil that in on your family calendar.

Finally, thank you all for the positive messages, kind words and well wishes you have shared with and about your teachers and the staff of ANCS. It means so much to all of us and I can’t express how important that support is right now. We miss seeing all of you and nothing replaces in person conversations, but your communication with us is invaluable. Also, know that we understand that we are sending a vast amount of communication your way right now and we are here to help you navigate all of this. If you ever have questions, especially about your child’s work, feel free to reach out directly to your child’s teachers.

Thank you for your continued support of our school. We appreciate you and are wishing you well.