Letter from Lara Zelski – August 14, 2019

Dear ANCS Families and Friends,

Welcome all of you to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope you and your family enjoyed a peaceful and fun-filled summer break. It was so wonderful to see so many folks at our open house and at the PTCA sponsored ice cream social last week. There has been a lot of positive energy in and around the building so far. It is sure to be a wonderful school year!

We strongly believe that the first weeks of school are a time to learn all the fundamentals of how we will operate each day and, most importantly, how we are going to work and live together as a community and school family. One major component of Conscious Discipline is that the brain is pattern seeking. We thrive and are less anxious when we have a schedule and there is predictability in our day and the action of others. This does not mean that our days are monotonous, just that there are some things we can count on happening and/or not happening.

Teachers are very intentional about taking time early in the year to establish a strong community, so later, when/if things become challenging, the students are more confident problem solvers and communicators. Please take time to talk with your child about the routines and procedures the class has been discussing and practicing. Additionally, ask about the team building activities the class has been attempting and how those initiatives helped him/her understand better how to be a positive community member.

Our first school-wide morning meeting was Tuesday morning. It was so nice to see so many new and familiar faces joining us. You are invited to join our morning meeting each day if you are able. This week we introduced our Guiding Principle #1: We come to school and every class prepared to learn and do our best. Each teacher will spend time each day discussing with students how this principle helps to guide us through our school day. Students will be engaged in discussion about this in all their related arts classes, the library, and morning meeting as well. Please take a moment at some point this week to talk with your child about what Guiding Principle #1 means.

Some friendly reminders:

  • School hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8:00 am to 1:30 pm on Wednesdays. Doors open at 7:30 am each day. Please do not drop your child off before 7:30 am, as there will be no adult available to supervise him/her.
  • Only enter and exit the building through the main front door. This is for safety purposes.
  • If your child is attending the ANCS after school program, please remember that it closes at 6:00 pm. If you need to contact somebody in the after school program, the number is 404-402-9620.
  • Please enter the car rider line from either Augusta Ave. or Atlanta Ave. in the morning and afternoon.
  • Do not try to enter the carpool line from Bass St. or Pavillion St. or block streets or driveways while you are in line.
  • Please display your car rider number in the upper right hand passenger side of your front window. If you need to write the number, please print large numbers in bold, dark ink so our teachers can clearly see it.
  • When in the car rider line remember to refrain from using electronic devices so you can remain aware of directions from the adults, keep the line moving, and abide by the new law.
  • After picking up your child in the carpool line, please move forward before buckling your child up or checking backpacks. This would be a good time to teach your child how to buckle him/herself up independently.
  • If you need to pick your child up early, please do so before 2:40 pm (1:10 pm on Wednesdays). Anytime after that interferes with dismissal procedures.
  • Please try to be consistent with how your child will be picked up each day. If there is a change in dismissal plans, please inform the school using the main number by 11:00 am. Teachers are often not able to check email before the end of the day, so Bill or Abbie will let your child’s teachers know what the plans are.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the school building.
  • Finally, please help us keep toys and other distracting items at home.

We are looking forward to positive and productive partnerships this year and working as a community to support all our students. Please take some time to read over our Family School Partnership guidelines for ways to we can work together in support of our students. Don’t forget to scroll down and click the links provided for each Guiding Principle to see examples of how an effective partnership is developed here at ANCS. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Here’s to a peaceful and successful school year!