Letter from Lara Zelski – October 3, 2018

Dear ANCS families and friends,

Thanks so much to Marta Leo and Cathy McWhorter for helping to make this year’s cardboard challenge a huge success! Mrs. Keller (our wonderful art teacher) collaborated with them to plan and prepare for the day’s activities. We had many participants who enjoyed an afternoon having fun and enjoying creating together. There is no doubt that our students are brimming with creativity and imagination!

We were joined by Krista Gilliam from Little Shop of Stories during Morning Meeting last week. She was here to promote this year’s On the Same Page book, Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizi. On the Same Page is a city-wide reading initiative designed to bring the community together by sharing in the joys of reading the same book. There are many events related to the On the Same Page initiative, including an author visit on November 9th. You can find all the details here.

Dismissal is a very busy time of day. We have a lot going on with over 200 students waiting in to picked up in car riders and walkers, students going to after school and enrichments, and others leaving via van or bus for another after school program. We work very hard to keep this time as calm as possible, and most importantly safe for all involved! I would like to remind you of a few procedures that will allow you to help us keep a safe, orderly and calm dismissal.

  • First, please make sure that your child’s classroom teacher knows the way your child will get home each day. It is also helpful for each student to know how he/she is getting home. It is very helpful is this is consistent throughout the week.
  • If there is a change in plans (your child joins an after-school enrichment, is going home with a friend, etc.), communicate this with teachers in writing to let them know of the change so there are no questions at the end of the day. Teachers will not allow children to leave with someone else unless they have heard from you first. Last minute change in plans can be very confusing to the teachers and the children.
  • If there is a change of plans during the day, email your child’s teachers if it is before 11:00. If it is after 11:00, please call the school and let the front desk know so they can hand deliver a message to your child’s teacher. Teachers often do not have time to check their email during the day, so emailing them is not a guarantee that this message will be received in time.
  • Please keep an eye on your child(ren) on the front yard during and after dismissal. While we love have students spend some social time together at the end of the day, we ask that they do not climb the trees, play unsupervised on the Pavillion Street side of the school or interfere with car riders.
  • While we love that so many of you carpool and support this practice fully, please make sure that each child in your carpool knows your car rider number. Please make sure that each child knows that he/she will be riding in your carpool each day. Classroom teachers should also have this schedule.

Finally, please know that our teachers and staff work diligently to keep all our students safe. We need for every student to be in the appropriate place at the end of each day to keep dismissal running smoothly. We really need you to help us by adhering to these procedures. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am sure there is no chance of this, but don’t forget about Fall Break! We are all looking forward to a week of beautiful weather (hopefully) and time to relax. I hope you all have a safe and happy break and we will look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, October 15!

Also, don’t forget that the October 19th is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. WE are looking forward to seeing our special guests! It is sure to be a fun day for all!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the rest of your week!