Letter from Our Middle Campus Principal

Hello Middle Campus families,

It is with a heavy heart that I start this letter touching base on the school shooting that occurred in Uvalde, TX yesterday. During Advisory today we gave our students time to discuss and process these events, as school shootings can certainly be jarring and unsettling for students when they hear about them. We will also be coming together in unity as a full school community outside during Quiet Time today. In times like these we remind our students that they can reach out to a trusted adult if they need to talk. As you check in with your students please remind them that we are here to support them at school, and if your student needs support please reach out and let us know.

Elsewhere in the building we are wrapping up the school year this week with various different activities and opportunities to reflect on the year.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week students have their final A and B day classes for the year, and they’ll do reflective activities with their teachers. Students have displayed a tremendous amount of resiliency the last few years, including during this school year of course, and for that they should be proud. The second half of Thursday is “extended advisory.” When we have extended advisory activities, students spend additional time in their advisory groups doing bonding activities and also giving back in some way. We often divy up the school building amongst the advisories and do some cleaning to make a contribution to our school community. Finally, Friday is Field Day.

We dismiss students at 12:00 pm on Friday and the aftercare program will not be in effect. Please make your dismissal plans accordingly.

As we prepare to move into next year I wanted to make you aware of a few staffing updates.

  • Next year’s Assistant Principal will be Dr. NaTasha Woody. Dr. Woody is an external hire who comes with 6 years of experience as an Assistant Principal (most recently at Mays High School), 3 years of experience as an Instructional Coach and Implementation Specialist, and 7 years of experience as a middle school English Language Arts teacher. We look forward to Dr. Woody’s contributions to our administrative team and to the impact she will make on our students.
  • Nickey Hardon will be bringing her 27 years of teaching experience in the classroom, over 7 years of experience with CREATE as a cooperating teacher and school based mentor, and 5 years as lead facilitator of CREATE’s Summer Residency to the role of Instructional Coach next year.
  • Dale Scott will be taking on the role of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) Coordinator. Dale has been a part of our internal leadership team for years and has played a role in creating (and training teachers and students on) some of the work we have done with Portfolio and Exhibition in the last few years. This role involves working on internal and external compliance as well as parent education about IB.
  • Sammy Struttmann, will be transitioning from teaching Language and Literature to teaching 7th and 8th grade Design next year. Sammy brings her 8 years of classroom experience, including teaching Language and Literature the last 6 years, to the table along with her creativity and technological skills. Sammy has a graphic design and digital media skill set that she will be bringing to this role, and she is excited to take on this move.

As for staff members who are moving on, Lesley Wood (Exceptional Student Services Lead Teacher) will be moving across the park to work in a similar role with 5th grade, Indya Armstrong (Science Teacher) will be moving on to another school to take on a Math (her true love) lead teaching role, and Hilary Smith (Spanish Teacher) is moving to be closer to family.

Please join me in wishing all of these folks well as they move on to new roles.

Finally, as we prepare for the summer look for notifications about report cards no later than the end of next week, and for returning students you will hear soon about summer reading and math.

Best wishes to all of our 8th graders as you move on to high school. You’ve worked hard and you’re ready!

Have a safe, restful, and enjoyable summer everyone.


Kind regards,