Letter from Middle Campus Principal

Hello MC families,

Today is our annual Black History Month Celebration and Teach-In. Each year during this event we change the schedule for the day and spend a full day celebrating Black history, art, and culture with student-led and teacher-led lessons and performances. This concept is the continuation of an idea brought about by Ms. Alina Hinton and former ANCS MC Performing Arts teacher Mr. Aaron. Over a decade ago they had a conversation about taking the recognition and celebration of Black history to another level after talking to some students who were wanting more, and we continue this tradition to this day.

The first hour of the day is our Celebration. Today’s Celebration included a Black History themed Brain Smart Start led by The Sisterhood, our affinity group for young Black women, followed by information about the origins of Black History Month led by the 6th grade members of The Brotherhood, our affinity group for young Black men. This was followed by a student dance performance and a performance by an African dance troupe.

After the Celebration, students moved into the Teach-In portion of the day. This involved student and teacher-led lessons including Spoken Word, Afro-Futurism (this was a history session AND an art session), the History of Afro-Latinos, Black Urban Farmers and Community Health, and others. Be sure to talk to your students and have them share what they learned with you when they get home today. This is always one of the best days of the school year. It is a day filled with joy, pride and the sharing of knowledge and culture. Our building literally bursts with energy during the Black History Month Celebration and Teach-In each year.

Now I’d like to shift gears to a few opportunities to support our students that have been presented in school this week. During Morning Meeting on Monday, 8th grader Ray Caputo presented their Community Project which involved advocacy for art therapy. I will add a link to a set of resources in my Courier next week. Additionally, Coach D. (Detric Prather) will be holding an information session about his “Positive Impact” program, a mentoring and sports program that is built around youth development, mentally, physically and emotionally. This program is also a year round program. The information session is taking place on Wednesday, February 22nd at the Lucious Sanders Recreation Center (2484 Bruce St Lithonia, Ga 30058) from 1:30-2:15 pm and a virtual option will take place from 6-7 pm. The program is geared towards children who are in grades 6-12, however if your child is younger and you want them to be a part of the program you can talk to Coach D. about it (phone: 678-334-0482, email: positiveimpact.youth7@gmail.com, Instagram: positiveimpact.youth).

As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,