Letter from Cathey Goodgame – May 13, 2020

Dear ANCS Families,

With only a few days left in the school year, I’m starting this final Courier letter of the year by expressing some gratitude to our school family. To your children: They have dealt with this complete upheaval of their lives like champions. Whether we want to admit it or not, the social aspect of middle school is probably the most important to them and that was ripped away from them with hardly a moment’s notice. They have handled the rollercoaster of emotions and most have hung in there with their online classes to the end. To the teachers and staff: I couldn’t imagine working with a more dedicated and caring group of people. The constantly changing landscape, professionally and personally, during this school closure has been monumental and still they have done an amazing job each and every day. Their flexibility in adapting to this new way of teaching has been magical. To the parents and guardians, caretakers of our “babies”: You have taken on new roles as home school leaders while managing the unknown in your own worlds. We have felt your support and positive energy and we thank you for fighting the good fight to get those teens and tweens out of bed each morning. We know none of this has been easy and appreciate you for sticking with us.

As you know, our last day of online classes is Friday, May 15, just two days from now, and we hope every student will join us on Monday, May 18 for our celebrations and much needed closure (not the COVID19 kind) to the school year. The opportunity to connect, wishing each other well and saying goodbye until we see each other again, is a very important part of each school year. This year, given that these activities will be virtual, some students may want to opt out, feeling like this is a waste of time. For all of us, bringing this school year to an official end may be even more important than any year before so we want everyone to participate in the celebrations. We’re working to make these events special and ask that you do what you can on your end to encourage your child to log in on Monday to celebrate the end of this school year. We have a couple of extra things planned for the 8th graders so families of 8th graders, be sure to read my email from Monday, May 11 for more details on those special events.

As everyone begins to think about the summer, it’s always great to have the chance to support local business, now more than ever, while buying a few new books! ANCS is joining with Little Shop of Stories for an online book fair, May 12 – 23. Ms. Linahan, our media center specialist, has posted more information about the fair on her HOWL page.

As we say goodbye over the coming days, please continue to look for information from school beyond Monday, May 18. End of year reports will be available on Friday, May 22; a link will be sent to you to access those narrative reports through ManageBac. We will also be sharing details soon about how to pick up summer reading books (6th and 7th), t-shirts (all grades), return library books (all grades) and return chromebooks and chargers (8th grade only) on May 28 and 29. Remember that Middle Campus yearbooks will arrive later in the summer so news about that distribution is still to come.

Finally, thank you for sharing your children with us this year. We love them, miss them, and can’t wait to see their faces (and yours) again someday soon!

Wishing you well,