Letter from the MC Principal

Dear Middle Campus Families, 

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, our middle schoolers have prepared for and led their Spring conferences. They have been reflective, thoughtful, and brave as they shared their progress so far this year as well as their plans for a strong finish to this very unusual school year. We are so proud of them and are grateful to the students’ advisors, parents and caregivers for supporting them through this process. 

In just a few short days Spring Break will be upon us! During Spring Break, April 5-9, both ANCS buildings will be closed as we all get some much-needed rest to recharge our batteries for the last two months of the school year. As you know, following Spring Break we will have Quarantine Week, April 12-16. During that week, all students will attend classes virtually following the same class schedule we’re following now. Students can find their class links in their Google Calendars, as usual. All school family members are strongly encouraged to complete travel by the end of Spring Break and use the Quarantine Week to isolate and monitor for symptoms. With all of us working together we can continue to keep our school family safe.

After the Quarantine Week, on Monday, April 19, we are excited to welcome back almost all of our teachers and staff. We will also begin our cohort rotations again with The Arctic Wolves in person on Monday, April 19 and The Temple of Zoom in person on Monday, April 26. 

I hope you read or will read over the general information about Milestones in this edition of the Courier. We’re glad that APS was able to approve a testing schedule for ANCS that aligns with our cohort hybrid model. As you might imagine, the class schedule will look quite a bit different from the norm with these two weeks of testing – one week of Milestones for Cohort 1 and one week of MIlestones for Cohort 2. We will certainly share more specifics in the weeks to come about the schedule during testing and I want to provide a few things here that we already know. 

  • Milestones will only be administered in person and all students who are in the building during their cohort rotation week will participate in testing. 
  • Students who are 100% virtual for the remainder of the year will have the option to come into the building for testing but will not be required to do so. 
  • Students who are attending in person both cohort weeks will only attend during their designated cohort week during Milestones testing – the week of May 3 or May 10, not both. 
  • When your child is not in the building for testing, you should expect some amount of asynchronous work time each testing day as teachers and staff will be needed to supervise and monitor the in-person testing environments. 

Now that we finally have the testing piece of the puzzle in place we can begin work on what’s happening for the remainder of the school year. We’ll get more information to you as soon as possible, especially to the 8th grade families about special events to celebrate their final days in middle school. Stay tuned!  

Wishing you well,