Letter from the MC Principal

Middle Campus Families, 

No matter how many years one spends as a school leader, mother nature can always throw a curveball. Our students, teachers, and staff really rose to the occasion on Monday as we managed a tornado warning in the middle of state testing during a pandemic. Everyone remained calm, the students listened to and followed instructions beautifully, and we even did some mindfulness with Ms. Afzal once we knew the path was going to miss us. Thank you to everyone involved for helping keep us safe!

As we move quickly toward the end of the school year, students are spending time on Wednesdays, and a few other Advisory days as well, preparing for their upcoming Exhibitions. Exhibitions are one of the promotion criteria for students at the Middle Campus and give them an opportunity to present their learning from the school year to an audience. Typically the audience grows in size over the three years of middle school but this year, since there were no Exhibitions last year making two-thirds of our students brand new to the process, we decided that everyone will present only to their Advisory groups.

Another promotion criterion is the Portfolio and students have been working on that throughout the school year during Advisory. Hopefully you had a chance to get a sneak peek at their Portfolio during Student-Led Conferences back in March. Students will use their Portfolio as the basis for the Exhibition, showing it to the audience as they share their learning, so check in with your child over the coming days to see how things are going.

In case you missed it, here’s some information about Exhibitions shared in my letter a few weeks ago:

Monday, May 17 through Tuesday, May 25 – Exhibitions (all grades)

    • Exhibitions will take place between 9:30 and 11:00 am each day (except Wednesday, May 19). 
    • All students will present whether in person or virtual
    • Parents will be given the option to join a class link for the exhibitions or receive a recording of their child’s exhibition as there are no visitors allowed in the ANCS buildings at this time. 
    • Advisors will reach out with notification of assigned dates coming soon 

Finally, families of 7th graders, if you haven’t heard from your child about an Arts Selection form yet, check in with them sometime soon. Rising 8th graders have a chance each year to choose between Performing Arts and Visual Arts and those choices are due on Monday. Before submitting, the students have to include the name of the parent or caregiver with whom they discussed their choice. Maybe that could be some dinner or breakfast conversation in the coming days if you don’t hear from them first? Thanks in advance for your help in gathering this important information for next year. 

Wishing you well,