Letter from the MC Principal

Middle Campus Families, 

The end of this crazy ride we’ve called the 2020-21 school year is coming to a close. While we are certainly ready to close this chapter, we are sad that we missed out on precious time with our 8th graders this year. We have done our best to celebrate them one last time yesterday and today and we hope they never doubt that they are loved by their school family. We are wishing them well as they move on to high school and we can’t wait to see them in the fall to hear all about their new adventure!

Along with our 8th graders, we’re saying goodbye to a few of our faculty and staff as well. We’re celebrating them today and we wish them well in their exciting new adventures:

  • Jennifer Dickie is going to enjoy an extended time of reflection as she considers what her 3rd career move will be. 
  • Nura Goodson is moving into operating her non-profit full-time and building her modest activewear clothing line. 
  • Rylen Gordy is moving on to pursue the opportunity of helping to create a project-based learning, middle school program. 
  • Tilifayea Griffin is moving on to bring diversity and equity work to a broader audience.
  • Ashley Deck is moving to Asheville, NC to live out her dream of opening a store that hires and supports adults with cognitive disabilities.

Teachers and Advisors are putting the finishing touches on End of Year Report Cards and those should be available to you in ManageBac on Friday afternoon. Spring MAP scores will also be uploaded to ManagBac and will be available after Memorial Day. While preliminary Milestones scores are expected any day now, we won’t be able to share the final scores until we come back to school in August. 

We know that students have given the absolute best they have to give this year and we have thought long and hard about how to best support students as we begin another school year in August. 

For our 8th graders, another year in middle school doesn’t seem like the right decision so everyone is moving on to high school. A few are closing out a final assessment here or there this week but for the most part, they are done with middle school! We know that ANCS students leave us well prepared for success in high school and even in a challenging year like this one we are confident that they take with them the skills to thrive. This does not mean that students aren’t faced with some areas of challenge and we don’t want to ignore that reality. If your child scored lower than a 3 in more than two of their eight subject area classes, you should have already heard from someone on our support team. This could have been by email or phone call from one of us or via IEP or 504 transition meetings or other contacts. We’ve also met with the support team at MJHS to pass along additional information given the uniqueness of this school year. 

For the 6th and 7th graders, we’ve also decided that another year in the same grade level isn’t the best choice for our students. As was the case with the 8th graders, if your child scored lower than a 3 in more than two of their eight subject area classes, you should have already heard from someone on our support team. In addition, we acknowledge that this was the first full year of IB MYP for all of the 6th and 7th graders since last year was truncated. There is natural growth that happens over time and we are looking forward to seeing that growth next year. This does not, however, mean that there is no work to be done now. We always have summer reading and math at the Middle Campus and this year, more than ever, we’re asking families to make summer learning a priority right alongside the fun and relaxation we all need to recharge our batteries. Some information is included below and more detailed information will come home in your child’s end-of-year bag Friday. 


Summer Reading

All Middle Campus students should read at least two books this summer – a theme book and a choice book. Your child already made their theme book selection and that book will be included in their end-of-year bag Friday. The choice book(s) can be anything they are excited to read. 


Summer Math

All Middle Campus students will be working in one of two electronic platforms for summer math – Ascend or iXL. Across the nation, math is the tested subject where growth has slowed the most during the pandemic and ANCS is no exception. We ask students to commit a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times per week over the course of the summer to working on math skills. Students received information about iXL in math class recently and parents of students who will be working in Ascend have already received direct communication about that process. 


Just as we enjoyed celebrating our 8th graders today, we look forward to seeing the 6th and 7th graders in their Advisory groups on Friday. Remember to send your child’s Chromebook and charger on Friday to be turned in for the summer. If your child needs to keep their Chromebook over the summer to engage in summer learning, be sure to complete this form before Friday. If your child is not in person for school on Friday, Chromebooks and chargers can be returned on Wednesday, June 2 between noon and 7:00 pm. 


Thank you again for sharing your children with us this year. We are grateful for our school family and are wishing you well this summer!