Letter from the MC Principal

Middle Campus Families, 

We are all pretty excited about the upcoming Fall Break! We hope everyone – teachers and staff, students and families – will use it as a time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and resetting. Speaking of resetting, we could use your help with a few things. We’ve talked to the students about these things in various settings and we aren’t seeing much improvement so we’re hoping that the home-school partnership can work on smoothing out some of these bumps when we are back after the break. Please know that we recognize that everyone is doing the best they can and that’s all we can ask for We also know that you might not be aware of how the smaller things affect the process at school so it feels important to share. 

On-time arrival to school

Advisory begins at 8:30 so students need to be seated in their Advisory rooms no later than 8:30 (10:00 on Mondays). This means that students should enter the building no later than 8:25 (9:55 on Mondays) in order to be on time to Advisory.  If a student plans to eat breakfast at school they should arrive even earlier. Each time a student enters Advisory late the morning routine is disrupted for the other students so we’re hoping to limit these disruptions going forward with more on-time arrivals. 

SchoolDoc screening

We’re still averaging only 60-65% of students being screened at home before arriving at school. The screening deadline for middle campus students is 7:30 am. We know this is challenging as some students aren’t even awake by then so we ask that you do your best to get that done before the deadline. It’s especially challenging for us when students are late (see above) and not screened so on days when you didn’t meet the deadline for screening please try to get your child to school a little earlier than usual. 

Lunch pre-order

I know you all agree that our nutrition team is absolutely amazing and they are committed to feeding every student who wants a lunch. However, at this point so few middle campus students have a weekly pre-order that they are having to make educated guesses about ordering and prep. For example, on Monday we had pre-orders for 74 students and ended up feeding 158 students. Please help this team out by completing the Pre-Order form each week using the link in the Courier. Better yet, sit down with your middle schooler and let them complete the form so they understand they are part of the process, too. 

Water bottles

Now that The Backyard is done the students are really enjoying recess, and understandably need water when they come back inside. Over the past couple of weeks, we have provided an ANCS water bottle for any student who is without one and has asked for one in the main office. We write their names on them and ask them to keep up with the bottles. Please encourage your child to have their own bottle from home or to keep up with the bottle we have provided for them. 


On Monday during Morning Meeting I talked to the students about two important things coming up with the schedule. The first thing was to let them know the class schedule will rotate when we return from Fall Break. We rotate the schedule about every 9 weeks at the middle campus so students can experience each subject area at a different time of day and so the teachers can experience the students as learners at different times of the day. Students were asked to get their agendas out during Morning Meeting to write the new rotation into the provided space so they should have a good understanding of what is happening. 

The second thing I shared on Monday related to the schedule was to remind students that Monday, October 11, our first day back after Fall Break will be a B Day. This is usually the most frequently asked question the night before or the morning of returning from a long break so we’re working to get the word out well in advance. 

Finally, an update on COVID testing around the upcoming break. We will not be testing this Friday as we head into break however we will conduct testing on Monday, October 11. The goal for the post-break testing will be to identify any positives cases that may result from travel and/or gatherings and quarantine them as quickly as possible. We will resume our weekly Friday testing on October 15. 

Wishing you well,