Letter from the MC Principal

Middle Campus Families, 

Student-Led Conferences are coming up in just a few weeks so students, advisors, and subject area teachers are busy preparing for that important gathering. Student-Led Conferences at the Middle Campus are very different than parent-teacher conferences you may have experienced as a student yourself or with your child at another school. The conference is led by the student, with the adults serving as active listeners, and is designed to give students an opportunity to present evidence of their Commitment to the Guiding Principles as well as their progress in some of their subject area classes. If you haven’t already heard from your child’s advisor(s) about signing up for a time you should hear from them by the end of this week. Attendance at these conferences by at least one parent/guardian is an important way to support our middle school students.

Students have completed their first assessments in almost all of their subject area classes. Remember that you can access achievement levels and teacher feedback for all assessments through ManageBac. Student-Led conferences, as well as first assessment feedback typically, result in an uptick of students reaching out to teachers for support. This seems like a great time to remind everyone that all adults have Office Hours at least twice each week from 3:10 to 4:00. We encourage students to use this time to connect with their teachers and other adults to get assistance in their classes. We shared the information about Office Hours very early in the year and I’m sharing it again here so it’s easy to find. 

During Morning Meeting just before Fall Break, Club sponsors introduced their club offerings for the year. This document with details about all of the 2021-22 Club Offerings, was posted in all Advisory Google Classrooms, and students were encouraged to reach out to the club sponsors with any questions. Students can join clubs at any time during the year and we know many students will have available time as the first round of athletics comes to a close in the coming weeks. We encourage all students to find something to engage in after school – a sport, a club, or both – to enhance their middle school experience. 

Finally, we need your help with a couple of things as part of our school-home partnership. Thank you in advance for helping us out with these two issues:

  • Masks – In general, students are doing a good job wearing their masks properly during the school day, helping to continue to keep us all safe. However, many students are not arriving at school with masks. We have been providing masks to students who do not have one but it’s simply not sustainable for us to continue to provide 50-60 masks to students each morning. Please be sure that your child has a mask each morning as they walk out the door or get out of the car. We will continue to have masks available for emergencies. 
  • Cell phones – Please remember that students may have cell phones at school however they are supposed to be turned off before they enter the building and not turned back on again until they are outside at dismissal. If your child is texting you during school hours for any reason, please help us by reminding them to come to the main office to see the nurse if they are not feeling well or to use the phone if they need something from you. Any texting happening from school is likely happening in the bathroom without permission and we could really use your help from home reminding them not to use their cell phones while at school. 

Wishing you well,