Letter from the MC Principal

Hello ANCS family,

This past Friday the 5th graders came to visit the Middle Campus and it was a lot of fun – they were bursting with energy. They were excited from the second that they arrived. It was interesting to see their energy as the first kids to do this visit since the pandemic. They weren’t nervous about much, they’re just looking forward to coming to our campus! Special thanks to Desiree Bennett (Math/Exceptional Student Services), Humaira Afzal (Math), and Sammy Struttmann (Language and Literature) for their work on planning and organizing the day (and teaching), and also shout out to Aubrey Lemon (Health/PE), Hilary Smith (Spanish), Jacob Dewey (Performing Arts), and Toccara Davenport (teacher resident) who also taught sessions to the 5th graders. As I told the rest of the staff, that visit was food for my soul – I’m looking forward to the 5th graders getting started with us next year! 

An FYI for all parents: The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and the Student Government Association (SGA) will be co-sponsoring a middle school dance that is open to all ANCS 6th, 7th, and 8th graders (students cannot bring guests from other schools or from the Elementary Campus) on Saturday, May 14th in The Backyard at the Middle Campus. There will be a food truck from Skips (with hamburger, hot dog, and veggie burger meal options), King of Pops, a photo booth, and a dj.  Everything is completely FREE! 

The dance will have a masquerade theme but students are free to “come as they are” in terms of dress. NOTE: Students must be dropped off and picked up by an adult from The Backyard gate the night of the dance. Students will not be allowed to walk home alone. For students who are being picked up on foot we will release those students directly to an adult who is walking them home.

For the parents of 7th grade students: It is time for those students to begin thinking about their Arts course selections for next year. For those who are not already aware, all 6th graders take Performing Arts, all 7th graders take Visual Arts, and in 8th grade, students get to choose one or the other. We try to get students their first choice, but we can’t make any promises. Some students have a strong opinion about what they’d like to take, and some students don’t care either way – we take a look at the various possibilities so that we can get the courses set up.

On Tuesday I walked into 7th grade classes and let students know that this choice was coming up. I sent them home with a little flier to hand to their parents as a reminder about this process, as well as an encouragement for the students to speak to their parents about their choice. On Wednesday I’m reaching out to you via The Courier, and on Thursday the Google Form where students are able to make their course selections will be posted on their Advisory Google Classroom pages. The form is due on Monday May 2nd.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your day and as always if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Kind Regards,