Letter from the MC Principal

Hello MC families,

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season. As always, it was great to see the students return to the building after the break. Students certainly needed to round back into shape last Tuesday, but we are back in the groove this week.

Yesterday was day #1 of the winter administration of the MAP test at the Middle Campus and day #2 will be tomorrow. Students took the MAP math test on Tuesday and they will take MAP reading tomorrow. Encourage your student to get a good night’s rest this evening. Students who missed a test or who did not complete one of the tests will make up the test on Friday. We cannot “close the MAP window” until after we are done with makeups so MAP reports will be posted in a couple weeks. I will update you on our progress on that front via the Courier.

This week we are putting the finishing touches on semester narratives, semester one summative achievement levels (how students performed on their summative assessments), and commitment to Guiding Principles achievement levels. Commitment to Guiding Principles achievement levels, which teachers report on for fall and spring conferences and at the end of each semester, are indicators of how a student’s commitment to the Guiding Principles [work habits] is impacting their academic growth. Regarding semester narratives, teachers will share information about a strength on the Guiding Principles rubric (link here), an area of growth on the Guiding Principles rubric, and a suggestion for how the student can show growth academically. The strands on the rubric are categorized by each of the Guiding Principles and that is how teachers write about the areas. For example, if a teacher writes that your student’s area of growth is in the area of Respect, they are talking about the Respect Guiding Principle and referencing one of the bullet points in the linked rubric. You will receive an email on Friday afternoon letting you know that end of semester reports are available in ManageBac. 

In order to help clarify any questions that you have about this process, we will be having an MYP Information Session about reading and understanding semester reports on Thursday, January 19, from 9:00-10:00 am, and an evening session on Monday, January 23, from 6:30-7:30 pm. There is a link elsewhere in the Courier where you can sign up.

Finally, school will be closed on Monday the 16th in observance of the Martin Luther King Day of Service. Upcoming Advisory lessons will link the volunteering and service learning that we do at ANCS to the legacy of Dr. King. One of the culminating elements of a student’s experience at ANCS is the Community Project in 8th grade. Community Project is a service learning opportunity in which students find a community that they want to work in, research the needs of that community related to a topic of the student’s interest, and then work towards performing a service action in that community. 

As 6th and 7th grade students progress towards Community Project in 8th grade, we are preparing them in Advisory by helping them build some of the skills they will need. 8th graders have one Advisory day per week (every Tuesday) dedicated to Community Project and on those Tuesdays our 6th and 7th graders are learning research, planning, and communication skills. We are having an extended Advisory service day for 6th and 7th grade (not 8th grade, because they are doing Community Project) on the afternoon of January 27th. Our 6th and 7th graders are putting the skills they are working on to use to orchestrate volunteer opportunities with service organizations like Zoo Atlanta, Trees Atlanta, Moving in the Spirit, Oakland Cemetery, ArtsXchange, and Constitution Lake. Look out for emails from your student’s advisors about the volunteer projects that they may be working on if you have not seen information already.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Kind regards,