MC Principal Letter – 5.2.24

Hello MC families,

The Pep Rally was a fun way to end the week and to celebrate our kids on Friday 4/29. We started the Pep Rally with a “hype contest” (competing dancing and cheering) between the grade levels and the students did not disappoint. We continued our tradition of recognizing clubs and affinity groups, and not just sports, and our students really felt seen and recognized throughout the event. Academic growth in Power30 was recognized and we shouted out our 8th graders for finishing their Exhibitions. Sixth and seventh graders will be preparing for their Exhibitions this week and next – their Exhibitions will be the week of Monday, May 13th. A good time was had by all and we let our students know that we are proud of them for all that they have accomplished this year, before also letting them know that we want them to finish the year strong.

We had a successful week of Milestones testing last week. Sixth graders finished on Friday 5/3, seventh graders start on Tuesday (we have postponed Milestones for Monday), and eighth graders finish this week. This week 6th graders will have their regular classes, although in some cases class locations will be shifted in order to accommodate testing locations.

Please encourage your students to get proper rest, eat well, and get to school on time during Milestones so that they can put their best foot forward.

Outside of the building we’ve had some trouble with students arriving late for Milestones so please help your students get to school on time. Inside the building we’ve had some trouble with students staying off their cell phones and off of video games. Our students are increasingly struggling to keep their phones off and away these days. Additionally, many students are attempting to play video games online every moment that they get and/or instead of doing work on their computers. With cell phones our policy is to confiscate phones when students are using them. If a phone goes off by accident we will give the phone back at the end of the day, but if a student is actively using the phone we ask their parents to come pick up the phone. For students playing video games on their computers, teachers redirect them when they see it; or they use a software tool called Hapara to monitor what students are doing, close tabs that are unnecessary, or implement focused browsing which limits the sites that students can access. There is a lot of research on the negative impact that screen time can have on attention span and focus, so we spend a lot of time keeping kids off devices while they are at school. Please have a word with your child when you get a moment about our technology policies, as this will help us be more productive at school.

Finally, our AP for next year Dr. Nikia Showers will be visiting with us on Monday, May 13th. She will meet with staff, attend Morning Meeting and be introduced to the kids, and then she will hang around to spend time with any parents who would like to meet her. As a reminder Morning Meeting goes from 8:30-9:00am in the gym on Mondays. Dr. Showers will stick around after Morning Meeting for about 45 minutes in the gym. We hope to see many of you for Morning Meeting that day. If not, do not worry, there will be many other opportunities for you to meet Dr. Showers once we get into next school year.

As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Kind regards,