Navigating Academic Progress With MAP Testing

Dear ANCS families,

We have initiated the fall administration of the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessment for all students. This assessment is divided into two testing sessions, covering English/Language Arts and math. Over the past 9 years, MAP has been a consistent tool for gauging academic progress in a standardized manner. It serves as one of several data points that guide educators and administrators in crafting individualized learning approaches for each student.

MAP operates as a computer-adaptive evaluation, conducted three times annually. As students respond to questions, the assessment adjusts the difficulty level accordingly. Correct answers lead to more challenging questions, while incorrect responses prompt easier ones. This approach ensures that all participants face appropriate challenges without overwhelming those who are still refining their skills. Furthermore, MAP’s design enables us to track your child’s advancement throughout the academic year and over multiple years.

In addition to its impact on individual students, ANCS employs MAP’s school-wide data to assess our overall performance. It’s essential to note that this assessment doesn’t involve a pass or fail outcome. Instead, we encourage students to give their best effort. Your support in motivating them is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Rhiannen Laurent
Dean of Academic Growth