School Changes in Response to Coronavirus

Dear School Family:

In my message to you in last week’s Courier, I pointed out that we would make additional changes in the way we operate if the virus began to spread locally. Now that this is indeed the case, we are making additional shifts.

The last Morning Meetings at both campuses were held yesterday. These meetings – while important parts of our school culture – were identified by a public health expert familiar with our school practices as events that could make it easier for a virus to spread among the hundreds of students, faculty and parents gathered in the same room on a regular basis.

We have also cancelled the 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. This is in accordance with guidelines from Atlanta Public Schools issued on Monday, March 9 to suspend out-of-state student travel. We will follow up with the affected students and parents with additional details and next steps.

These are difficult decisions to make and I do not take lightly the impact they will have on our school family. We will, however, continue to exercise caution as we manage this situation.

The confirmation that a teacher was actively working in a Fulton County school while suffering from COVID-19 symptoms is a vivid reminder of how important it is for both faculty and students to stay home when sick. Here again are guidelines to follow:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  • Use hand sanitizer when handwashing is not an option;
  • Keep your student at home when they are sick – pay special attention to persistent coughing;
  • Please let the school know when and why you are keeping your child at home.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support of our school.