Year of the First Element: Communication

The First Element: Build an empowered and inclusive community of students, parents, and educators.

Taking a look at how we communicate as a school family is an important part of our Year of the First Element campaign. There is so much to keep track of everyday – classroom news, after school activities, evening events, volunteer opportunities. We do our best as a school community to send out as much information as possible, and we are working on ways to further ensure that you can easily access everything you need to know.

That is, of course, more easily said than done. We will continue to rely on the support of our room parents and the PTCA members that work with that dedicated team of volunteers. Our leadership team routinely considers how and when to best send information to parents and faculty. We are assessing the ways we use social media and the role it plays in connecting our school community. And we are also looking at ways to foster more dialogue to make sure that we are not only sending news out, but that we can hear from you as well.

This effort is a cooperative one: Our Board of Governors is involved, our PTCA is a part of the conversation, and we are engaging our faculty as well. We also want to hear from you about what is working well and what you think can work better. We are at our best when we can talk and listen to each other in a meaningful, collaborative way.